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For the thousands of Nova Scotians involved in the thriving Christmas tree industry of Nova Scotia, both the print and online versions of the Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Journal represent a lifeline to other growers, to opportunities, to research and development, to shared knowledge, to news of their industry.

Advertisements too, are a source of information for our audience, looking to purchase the goods and services required for success.

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia (CTCNS) is the body representing both growers and the industry in Nova Scotia.

One way or another, the Council has managed to publish thirty volumes (upward of 100 issues) of the Journal, the first issue published in the 1986. 

Our next publication date: Spring 2018 v31 n2 (April, 2018)

Next advertising deadline: March 2018

Please email journal@ctcns.com for details.

Advertising in the Journal is a small but mighty investment.

  • The Journal is sent, in print and/or online, to hundreds of active Christmas tree growers in Nova Scotia.
  • The print copies (more than 500) are shared with family, offices and crews across the Province.
  • The online/digital version is sent to growers, partners, sponsors, advertisers and friends of the industry.

Advertising in the Journal is good business as the Journal is vital to the Christmas tree industry in Nova Scotia.

Your advertisement helps assure the Journal continues to carry out its humble function as conduit among growers, partners, advertisers and friends of this industry, across the Province and beyond.

There are several options for advertising in terms of the size and rate of the ad. For a current advertising rates, please email info@ctcns.com.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Sheryl Dubois, Editor

Nova Scotia Christmas tree Journal