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For Sale

1. Table Top Netter – $175.00
2. 12 ft. Dual axle tree trailer – $2000.00 OBO
3. Approximately 20 acres of land for lease; needs to be for tree lot.
CONTACT: Bill Lantz 902-624-0417 
before 6:00 PM and leave a message


Homemade retail Baler,
single axle, gas powered,
18” cone, stored inside
Murray Crouse


Howey CT Baler Chain Driven Model 214 $4800

Hardi 3-Point Hitch Sprayer $600

Conveyer $1100

Maruyama Back Pack Sprayer (mist & granular) $600

CONTACT: Stan Hunter



Looking to Buy


Looking for tree land in the Chester Basin area to lease or buy.

CONTACT: 902-644-2605

Looking for Christmas tree Shaker in good condition, prefer tow-behind model, ready to fire up, suitable for u-cut, truck-load or retail lot business, electric start preferred but not necessary.

CONTACT: Ed Davidson 902-957-1428