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Around one million Christmas trees are harvested every year in Nova Scotia

With December just days away, Christmas tree producers are getting ready for their busiest time of year.

Around one million Christmas trees are harvested every year in the province, 90 per cent of which are shipped to other parts of the country and around the world.

The executive director of Christmas tree Council of Nova Scotia said the late frost earlier this year did affect the supply, but Angus Bonnyman isn’t expecting a shortage.

“Those that have retail lots or choose-and-cut operations have been working hard to make sure they have an adequate supply on hand, so we would expect that there’s a tree for everyone,” he says. “We’re just recommending folks shop early for best selection.”

The council recommends measuring the space between the ceiling and floor of the room you’ll set it up before you head out.

You’re also going to keep one thing in mind when picking the perfect spot for your tree.

“Make sure you don’t have it near a heat source,” Bonnyman says. “And if you’re not going to be putting it up immediately, we’d recommend that you leave it outside. Similar to having vegetables in the fridge, it just helps to preserve it.”

It’s also a good idea to make a fresh cut off the base of the tree.

“Just to make sure, like fresh flowers, that the tree is able to take on the water that it needs to be vibrant for the Christmas season,” he says.

Real trees require plenty of water every day and should be in a stand that holds at least 5 litres.

The council warns if the water level drops below the base of the tree, the trunk could seal over, making it difficult for it to absorb water.

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