Meet Your Farmer at the Mall 2017

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Open Forest Day 2016

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Open Forest Day, 2016Representatives of CTCNS took part in Open Forest Day at the Shubie Park location to celebrate the benefits of the Christmas Tree industry in Nova Scotia.  Thank-you to the Department of Natural Resources for hosting such a great event

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Spring Shearing Demonstration 2015


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Boston Tree Send Off 2015


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Boston Tree Cutting 2015

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Thank you to Rick Mercer and his team  our friends at the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, the generous people and schoolchildren of Pictou County  and especially, Andrea and Billy MacEachern for their Balsam Fir, selected to Represent Nova Scotia in Boston for 2015.

Thank-you to the city of Boston for your generous legacy, to Nova Scotia Christmas tree growers for donating trees to charities in Boston, and to our own Buddy for bringing Christmas trees to life!

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Harvest 2015

Thousands of people across Nova Scotia are dutifully cutting, grading, baling, loading, and getting Christmas trees ready to ship across Canada, the United States, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and countries overseas.

For every harvested tree there are one to three new ones cultivated in its place.

To find a retail or choose-and-cut location near you, visit