On Saturday, April 24 the Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers’ Association held their Annual Spring Work Day at the Seffernsville Experimental Lot operated by the Association. At 8:00 AM a shearing demonstration and instruction was coordinated by Western Christmas Tree Specialist Ross Pentz and LCCTPA Lot Chairman Jeff Reeves. Instructors included Ross, Norman MacIsaac of the Northeastern Association, and exporter Jim DeLong of DeLong Farms, New Germany. Of course, there was excellent dialogue, questions, occasional disagreement, and a generally good time. The group then acted as volunteers to help finish shearing the Lot. At noon a barbecue was held, followed by Harris Hiltz demonstrating his motorized sickle bar shearing machine. Unfortunately your webmaster, Matthew Wright, had to leave early to pick up seedlings for research and make an IPM meeting in the valley so I missed getting photos of Harris.

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