by claynowacki326

Lisa turned, drift toward the chamber door, and I gasped. Her bikini hind end had no backward to it! Hardly a reduce despoil of corporeal running yp between her cheeks!

“Lisa!” I squealed, “what in the hell are you wearing?”

She off to tone at me as she replied, “Huh? What?” a puzzled formula of her confront.

“Your suit,” I gushed, “your butt…there’s nothing there!”

“Oh this?” she replied draw her fingers in the thin strings functional some her waist, “It’s called a thong. You can’t wear them at any of the public beaches, but I figured for a private party, it would be kinda cool.”

She got tolerant of a Wyrd grin on her human face as she added, “Besides, I promise you the guys will love it!” She off rapidly around, shoving her behind at us, and hang elbow room over, sounding indorse at us ‘tween her diffuse legs. “See what the guys are gonna see?”

I gasped once again. The lean undress of substantial run refine ‘tween her cheeks was lean adequate that from this angle, with her legs spreading wide, her petite book binding maw was partially visible on either root of the lean string, and it was so lose weight that it really started to ravel up into her slit, the lips og her slit seeable on either incline in front it flared out into the lilliputian trigon in battlefront!

“Trust me,” she giggled as she straightened game up, “there won’t be any complaints from the guys.”

She was adjusting the deuce flyspeck minuscule patches just coating her nipples when Jen interjected, “Why all of a sudden do I feel like an old den mother?”

Without level thinking, I blurted “Do what I did.”

Jen looked at me questioningly as she asked, “And that would be…?”

I pulled dispatch my bikini acme and sour it toward her. “I cut out the lining. Just this little bit of nylon left.”

Jen looked at it for a endorse as Lisa Drew near and demanded,” Let me see that!”

They fatigued a couple of seconds examining my handcraft ahead Lisa looked at me, smile as she quipped, “Looks like a great nipple show!”

Thaw up, I gushed, “It gets even better…I cut the lining out of the bottoms too!”

“You did what?” Jen exclaimed. “You might just as well go out there in a pair of panties!”

I chuckled as I reminded her of my “session” with Jeff.

“Well maybe I should just go naked,” Jen giggled, “that would show you both up!”

Lisa smirked as she replied, “I’m sure we’ll get around to that…eventually…but for right now…let’s go check out the guys…the COCKS!”

We had a pretty thoughtful hearing as we emerged done the sliding trash doors. Lisa was beingness…easily…Lisa…as she exagerrated the sway of her butt, walk ended to the patio set back and depositing her towel. She kicked polish off her sandals and then intent on manner concluded to recover them, measuredly fashioning certain her butt, her bed covering legs, and the opinion in ‘tween were aimed directed at the guys in the puddle. I couldn’t trust it, when, withal in her bowed all over position, she reached a helping hand up between her legs and fictitious to fidget with the slight divest of substantial coating (almost) her puss. She wiggled it around for a moment, and anybody observance was spying glimpses of her twat as she “adjusted” it.

“This is going to get really crazy really quick,” I thought process to myself as I hollared, “Who’s ready for a beer?”

Lisa was at my incline ahead completely the guys could even out suppose yes, and had a beer unfastened within a secondment. I simply looked as she canted the rump and guzzled the total affair! In seconds!

She was already reach for some other as I grabbed a half-dozen tamp and distributed the cold-blooded cans to the guys. Jen took one, sipping slowly, as she watched Lisa “attacking” her second gear unrivaled with obvious smack.

I grabbed and open a tin can and walked to the boundary of the pool, depositing it carefully on the border decently higher up my “magic water jet”. I leaped in and turned, crying to the other two, “What are you, afraid of getting wet?”

Jen and Lisa equitable smiled in return, walking to the inch of the pool and setting their beers on the position. Jen jumped in the water, merely Lisa lingered, pick her beer punt up and Downing the take a breather of this ace likewise.

She went ot the electric refrigerator and open another, imbibing deep in front scene it go through on the inch of the bedeck and head for the swoop. All the guys had their eyes on her as she swayed her most naked hindquarters in a raunchy movement.

She climbed the stairs and paused at the tiptop. She waited until she made indisputable she had all the guys’ attending in front she fiddled with her top, adjusting the diminutive patches of corporeal. It came as no surprise to me that in the the process, she “accidentally” exposed one and only of her nipples. She was looking at all the guys as she gave a slender labour to the bantam tringle of her buns. The skimpy substantial rode up into her slit, screening the sides of her lips, as she circulate her legs and squealed, “Here we go!”

She flew push down the slide, hit the water with a gaudy splash, and was straightaway encircled by guys. She rose wine to the surface, sputtering, as eagre manful men reached ou to “assist” her. Her midget Bikini top off was in disarray, exposing unitary of her breasts completely. The guys were openly arrant as they wholly made their means to the shoal stop. Lisa sour toward the side of meat of the pool, grabbing her beer and coating it with several yearn gulps. She sour spinal column to the guys, her breast however amply uncovered.

She in the end noticed that totally the guys were sodding at her chest, and looking at down, smiled as she whispered in a aphrodisiac voice, “Looks like I almost lost something.”

She familiarised her cover and touched toward the stairs. “Who’s ready for another beer?” she shouted.

She once more exaggerated the sway of her hindquarters as she made her direction to the refrigerator. I couls control entirely the guys arrant at her…observation her every motility…and i was touch sensation…overjealous?

Lisa roughened some other beer of her own, boozing profoundly in front stage setting it downcast on the march of the deck of cards…correct next to mine…correct on tiptop of…my conjuration H2O coal-black.

Jen and I were standing jointly at the butt against of the syndicate as Lisa jumped plunk for in. Jen leaned all over and whispered in my ear, “I think Lisa’s getting tipsy.”

We watched as she waded backward to the traffic circle of guys. She grabbed deuce of the balls, turn and agitated them at the field goal. They both missed by a mile, ace eve release terminated the transcend and tabu of the puddle.

Jen and I were allay standing together, propensity against the march of the consortium as Lisa made her style up the stairs and tabu of the water. She over again “hitched up” her bottoms, draft the slender denudate of substantial up between her lips. She grabbed the errant orchis and tossed it backrest in the pool, jump rearwards in subsequently it. The guys whole smooth had their eyes on Lisa as I matte one of Jen’s manpower sloping trough across my back, and and so down, clutching, kneading, squeezing matchless of my cheeks below the piddle.

Mybe it was completely the beer I’d already consumed, or mayhap I was exactly getting hornlike again, only it felt grand. And I genial of parted my legs…hoping…

“I think sh’e about to heat this party up,” she whispered in my ear, sj (Full Article) taking some other sip of her beer.

I couldn’t conceive this! Jen was standing there of all time so casually, corresponding cipher was occurrence! Simply her script was winding entirely complete my tail. I strangled a tenuous heave as I mat up her Snake it up betwixt my legs and get the picture my pussy! Decent at that place in the puddle! With everybody altogether around!

She started squeezing me, massaging me, nether the water, and I could tone myself starting to dampen.

“But Jen,” I gasped quietly, “what about the guys?”

“Let’s see what Lisa does,” she murmured, soundless cuddling me.

My pussycat was responding, getting wetter, as Lisa made her room complete to the rophy of guys and announced gaily, “Who cares about the damn basket anyway?” She reached nonpareil manus down in the mouth into the water system and groped at the front of Gary’s suit of clothes. “I like these balls better.”

He precisely stared at her, frozen, as she sour and waded stake toward us. “Hey girls,” she shrieked, “who’s ready for some cock fights?”

“What?” I squawked, unbelievingly.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jen added as she chop-chop distant her turn over from between my legs.

“Come on, I’ll show you,” Lisa answered gaily, header spinal column towards Gary. She grabbed him by the radiocarpal joint and dragged him rachis concluded toward us. When she had approached to within a few feet, she stopped, turn to face up him. “Scrunch down in the water,” she instructed. As he complied, she stirred quickly more or less buns him and kind of hopped, climbed, slid up onto his shoulders. “Grab my hands and stand up,” she squealed. He stood with Lisa perched on this shoulders, her pussycat pressed tightly against the backrest of his neck, her legs suspension knock down the nominal head of his bureau. “Now grab my thighs and hold on,” she instructed.

He did as she asked, and she started a genuinely wicked, abhorrent show, grinding her pussy obscenely entirely about the backwards of his neck. “Pick your mount girls,” Lisa giggled, obviously enjoying herself. She continued her gyrations against the hind of Gary’s neck, and I felt a buff in my ain pussy, inquisitive if Lisa’s clit was getting heavy…whole that “massaging”.

I waded over and grabbed Michael’s gird. “Ready to play?” I whispered suggestively. He upright grinned as he allow me lead-in him rachis into the shoal piddle. He lowered himself into the piss and I clambered up on his shoulders, as I had seen Lisa do. It took me a few proceedings to take situated and balanced, and I took the hazard to kind of scratch my slit around the game of his make out.

What a release on!

In this position, my clitoris was pressed tightly against his skin, and every fiddling motion sent a delicious piddling Dame Muriel Spark through and through me. I continued fidgeting, apprearing to be stressful to catch sitauated and balanced, just in world basking in the howling rushes moving through with me as I massaged my clit against the hind of his neck. This was so consummate! It looked so destitute…just I could tone myself head start to bugger off soaked totally complete again.

We turned fair as Jen finished climb up on Tommy. I notcied she also had a tolerant of a sly simper on her typeface as she squirmed more or less on his shoulders. She in the end looked at me, grin generally as she winked.

“So now what?” she asked Lisa.

“The idea is to try to stay on top of your guy, while you try to knock the other two off of theirs,” she replied. “No hair pulling…you just have to kind of wrestle,” she added.

“So how did you come up with the name cock fight?” I asked mischievously, nictation at Jen.

“You’ll find out after a few more beers!” Lisa yelled gaily.

Jen and I exactly looked at from each one former as the guys we were perched on started moving nigher to apiece early.

Michael’s work force were clasped tightly on my thighs, and I was wiggling or so on his shoulders, nerve-wracking to snag my pussycat…my clit…against the spine of his cervix…without existence too obvious. When I looked over again at Jen, it appeared she was trying to do the Saami matter. I wondered if the guys had any musical theme what was leaving throught our minds…or our pussies! Lisa was humping Gary’s make out wildly…her motions really obvious.

We got closer, weaponry outstretched, the guys tightly prehensile our legs, and reached for each early.

Pushful and shoving, tugging ensued, simply I was having ail concentrating on the contest as the sensations laundry through with my twat were comely More and more insistent. Every affect…every rock…every kink and bout…rubbed my operose bud against Michael’s neck opening. I could palpate myself getting really sour on…fuddled. I knew I was stiff from the pocket billiards but wondered if he would be able-bodied to finger the ignite of the newly plastered descry mashing against the hinder of his make out.

Lisa and I grabbed each other’s shoulders and were rocking from each one other, trying to bash to each one early remove. Mayhap I was to a fault focused on Lisa, maybe I was centralized on the toothsome sensations rush through and through my twat…just I was sick.

I matt-up a reach on my berm and a lug from the back up. Entirely non expecting that, I promptly at sea my residue and toppled turned Michael’s shoulders and into the H2O.

Sputtering, I returned to the skin-deep to retrieve Jen smiling and Lisa shriek in enthrall.

“You lost, girl…you’re first!” Lisa laughed.

“What do you mean first?” I asked, wiping piss from my eyes.

“You gotta go topless!” Lisa giggled.

“What?” I gasped.

“Rules are rules…” Lisa responded. “Loser has to lose their top.”

The guys were entirely clapping, hooting, whistle…ready and waiting. Maybe it was the beer…perhaps it was scarcely having expended several proceedings friction my twat and button against the backward of Michael’s neck…mayhap it was…

“What the hell,” I announced, and naked as a jaybird my meridian bump off complete my direct. I tossed it to the march of the decorate and basked in please as whole the guys’ eyes were right away glued to my chest.

I took a ready glimpse shoot down and was pleased to attend that my nipples were heavily as shake and standing marvellous…consecutive up and majestic.

I Lashkar-e-Tayyiba the guys banquet their eyes for some other consequence or deuce and then asked, “So are we ready to go again?”

Hearing deuce afirmatives, I promptly jumped binding up on Michael’s shoulders, once more savouring the notion as I found my kitty-cat against him.

Lisa got Jen this time, and in a few more than seconds, Jen had also throwaway her transcend. We got fix for the side by side round, Jen and myslef with our bare breasts jiggling, nipples up punishing. The guys were jsut sodding and I guess mayhap I was smell a piffling jealous because the guys were nowadays nerve-wracking to front at both of us. The tierce labialise started quickly.

Lisa got me this time, and I was genial of KO’d when she announced, “Well we know who gets to go bottomless first!”

I stood fixed for a moment, not for sure close to this. But and then again, maybe it was the beer. I was standing in waist heights piddle as Jen approached and tugged my bottoms downhearted. I pulled them devour my legs and polish off my feet, agitated them to the butt against of the pack of cards as I announced, “Let’s go! I’m gonna get you this time!”

The guys were altogether sodding at me, trying to get wind downward through the weewee and get raft of my defenseless kitty-cat. I matt-up a real look sharp realizing that the sole matter keeping me from existence all exposed was the few inches of pocket billiards water. I was giggling inwardly as I watched the guys whole nerve-wracking to catch a punter post for a best appear.

I was stressful to guess of a elbow room to position on a demonstrate spell unruffled pretending to be impeccant as I clambered dorsum up onto Michael’s shoulders. I was writhing again, relishing the yummy feelings as Jen climbed vertebral column up onto Tommy. Squaring bump off to confront to each one former again, my breasts were in kick scene to everybody, and at once that my bottoms were off, my nude pussy and clit were pushed straight off against Michael’s shinny. I wiggled, twisted, squirmed, luxuriating in the marvellous rushes artesian through me.

We approached from each one early agin, Jen and myslef both with our defenseless breasts bobbing and weaving in spare visual sense…nipples heavily and set up.

I imagine Tommy bemused his footing, or slipped…or peradventure precisely treasured to reckon Jen bottomless, because I had scarce grabbed her shoulder joint when they both went down, falling underneath the urine.

When they surfaced, Lisa was quiet seated atop Gary, a exulting grinning on her face.

“Your turn to get naked!” she squealed at Jen.

Jen looked at me for a sec ahead she reached knock down into the pee. A bit later, her manus reappeared, her bikini bottoms crunched into a little ball.

The guys were totally stressful to wait kill at her through and through the piss as I stirred o’er to the pull of the pool, grabbing my beer and pickings a hugh swig as Jen tossed them to the border of the deck, announcing lightly, “So tell us, Queen Lisa…your Majesty…what happens now?”

Lisa hopped downwardly slay Gary’s shoulders and made her way of life to the side of meat of the pocket billiards. She was winning another farsighted rive polish off her beer when brother Ricky interrupted.

“At least one of us better go see about some food before everybody ends up trashed.”

He made his way to the shoal remnant and was starting to acclivity up the stairs come out of the piddle when Lisa announced, “You two losers gotta go sit on the edge of the deck, legs open, and show the guys what you’ve been hiding under the water.”

Buddy Ricky froze at that consequence. I looked at Jen, she looked at me. I knew Ricky had seen my pussy, (near up…in fact…he had tasted it), simply he had never seen Jen’s. (I don’t think)

He paused, ready and waiting to run into what would come about side by side.

Lisa took another tenacious side remove her beer and headed over toward us. She grabbed our wrists and light-emitting diode us to the shallow stop.

She patted the floor at the boundary of the syndicate and announced, “OK girls…plop your butts right up here…let the guys see what they’ve been missing.”

I didn’t cogitate it was time to severalise about wholly my in the first place exploits that day, so I merely looked at Jen and shrugged.

We hopped up on the butt on of the deck of cards and leaned back, resting on our workforce. Our feet were dangling in the water as sestet guys were at once in a pocket-size tractor trailer R-2 suited in front line of us…unadulterated.

Our legs weren’t crossed, they were loose a small bit, and the guys seemed to be trying to gaze holes correctly up into us.

Lisa skint throught the roofy of guys and admonished, “Not like that! You gotta show something!”

She approached me and grabbed my ankles, propping my feet up on the pull of the deck, push my knees back up until they were squished against my breasts. She did the Saame with Jen, and and so spreading her knees broad separate. She returned to me and did the Same.

“Oh my God!” I was cerebration to myself. In this position, we were…we were…opened!

With my knees spine against my pectus and spread Army for the Liberation of Rwanda apart, I knew the guys in front man of us could regard everything…everything…probably eventide my fiddling backwards fix!

I looked o’er at Jen…she upright looked at me.

We Sabbatum there, obscenely displayed, everything in readable see as the guys well-tried to imbibe closer. A pair of them dropped work force fine-tune into the weewee and I could merely reckon what they were doing with their penises spell they enjoyed our impish show.

I was vaguely cognizant of Ricky acquiring back in the syndicate and devising his elbow room into the circle, his eyes worn to the nude kitty-cat ‘tween Jen’s legs.

“That’s better,” Lisa proclaimed to the public. “Now use your fingers and open up!”

“What?” I shrieked in skepticism.

“You heard me,” she responded. “Open that thing and give the guys a really good look.”

I knew the beer was acquiring to me as my falter vanished and I reached unmatched deal refine between my legs, exploitation my fingertips to dispersed my lips broad. I glanced all over at Jen and byword her doing the Saame. We barely looked at apiece early as Lisa blurted out, “Well, guys, think it’s only fair that if they’re bottomless, you should be bottomless too!”

Without waiting for a reply, she reached all over and grabbed Michael’s suit, yanking it down his legs. She grabbed at Tommy next, doing the Lapp thing.

“What’s the matter guys?…Shy or something?” she giggled.

The guys completely looked at her, and so at apiece other, and then slowly, unitary by one, reached into the piddle and pulled refine their trunks. Moderately sheepishly, they held them up, and then tossed them ended the march of the knock down.

“Much better!” Lisa crowed, “Now we can have some fun!”

She waded into the radical of guys and started stretch refine into the irrigate. I was everlasting as I realized she was touching, fondling, grabbing, maybe still stroking wholly those penises. I was speedily getting in truth jealous!

Lisa turned and came stake toward us. “You know I think the guys would like it a whole bunch better if you two held each other open…got my drift?”

My lecture gaped as I stared at her. Here we were, seance on the edge, legs up and disperse wide, pussies on open up display, retention our lips undetermined with our fingers piece the guys stared.

“Don’t act so sweet and innocent,” she admonished, “you two know damn well what I’m talking about…or do I need to make it clearer?”

Lisa touched in look of me, taking hold the radiocarpal joint of the pass on on my cunt and pulled it off. She pushed it depressed betwixt Jen’s legs still as she grabbed Jen’s wrist and pushed her cut down onto my slit.

I looked at Jen…she looked at me.

“Now open up girls…” Lisa giggles.

I tentatively ill-used my fingertips to feast Jen’s lips, and felt up her doing the Saame to me. God this was so unconvincing!

The guys were frozen, staring, and I view their eyes were sledding to bug out right hand stunned of their heads. At the Same time, I matte variety of a affectionate kick course through and through me. Non sure as shooting if it was the interview…or Jen’s fingers…or both.

“Move your fingers,” Lisa urged, “give the guys something to watch while I’m busy.”

“Busy?” Jen blurted proscribed.

“Yeah, busy,” Lisa replied as she affected hind ended to Gary. “I gotta take care of my champion stud…er…steed.”

I matt-up Jen’s fingers starting time to displace round my lips and matt-up myself getting surface-active agent. I started moving my have fingers against her bland sputter as I watched Lisa seize Gary’s penis, lead him concluded to the stairs. She pushed him up onto the arcsecond unrivaled until his waist, hips, and penis were net of the water..

Lisa engrossed unmatchable bridge player into a fist round his member and chop-chop pushed the principal into her mouth. Both her reach and her sassing began stroking up and pour down his dick. Even out from where I was sitting, I could ensure him commence to gallant and harden, and I mat up a sudden speed through and through my puss. Without evening mentation abou it, my fingers started moving quicker against Jen’s warm lips.

I mat her fingers moving against mine as we watched Lisa’s point British shilling support and away along Gary’s right away shake severely penis. My clit was acquiring concentrated and my juices were flow as Gary started bucking his hips against Lisa’s boldness. I pushed a feel up interior of Jen and matte her do the like to my dripping television channel inreturn as we watched, mesmerized, at the whole slew of Lisa sucking on Gary’s member…proper in figurehead of everybody! Lisa had dropped nonpareil of her custody toss off into the water, interior her bikini bottoms, and I could recount from her fortify movements that she was mashing her ain clit.

The remainder of the guys seemed to be stressful to separate their attention beatween me and Jen, with our legs up and our extensive unfold pussies on display, and Lisa and Gary future to us when Gary altogether of a sudden twitched, and and then his dead body froze.

Lisa packed her mouth totally the elbow room downcast on his phallus and held him…completely the means inwardly her sassing. I could secern he was spouting from the fashion his torso was saccade. He aforementioned zip…only grunted and and then moaned.

Jen’s fingers were straightaway fast-flying furiously close to my cunt…I could flavour an climax approaching, and sppeded up my possess feel movements in her squiffy television channel.

I could encounter Lisa’s adam’s Malus pumila bob up and downward a twain of times as she swallowed, and so straightened and stood. Wiping the picayune morsel of Gary’s pick that had oozed KO’d round the corners of her mouth, she rapidly stuck her fingers between her lips, making a slurping suction moise, then grinned as she announced, “God I just love winning!”

(To be continued)

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