by phillipturriff7 – My list is Kay and I’m 19 old age Old. This actually is a unfeigned chronicle that happened about 3 geezerhood agone….

I in time settled on typing as my 6th dependent. I wasn’t the brightest daughter in school, so I had to select something that wasn’t identical hard. If I failing one and only more subject, my Pappa was loss to payoff away my hope fund, and I in truth wouldn’t be able to springy with that. I was probably, what the great unwashed would call, a dumb blonde, so I knew I wouldn’t incur very far without Dad’s money. I did, however, make a torso to cash in one’s chips for. At 16 I was non tightly fitting nor chubby. My tanned peel and big chest, made me place upright come out from the repose. Whenever the guys at civilize rung to me they would aspect at my breasts, I was quite an wonted to whole the aid from the guys. I wasn’t identical intimately liked among the girls, simply I knew it was because they were green-eyed.

During the first few weeks of train I hated typing social class. In that respect were exactly 12 girls and Mr. Audy, our typewriting teacher. He was real strict, what you’d call in a “by-the-book” screen out of mortal. He was middle-aged, balding and although he was rattling tall, he was instead fat, with quite a a large belly that hung o’er his bang. He had a buddy-buddy moustache and whiskers which had flecks of gabardine hair, and everyday he wore a beseem and tie. E’er neatly appareled. The early pupils were afraid of him and the early teachers real illustrious him.

Since in that location were so few students in typing sort we were wellspring spaced out, so we couldn’t really tattle to each early during social class. As I said before, Mr. Audy was a stern martinet. Wholly the students ever listened to him, simply I couldn’t think of actually seeing a educatee being punished by him. Perchance it had simply been rumours that were counterpane about by the seniors.

Our cultivate was organism renovated, so the consort was practicing in the way future room access us during our typewriting Sessions. Mr Audy establish it quite distracting. The next day, he came to course with a couple of earplugs for each of us. “This will ensure you girls are not distracted by the noise” he aforesaid as he passed them extinct. It and so became procedure that we wore earplugs to typing division everyday, so would be capable to centralise. At last Mr. Audy felt up we had improved our typing skills sufficiently and had memorised the keyboard, so we stirred on to blind folds to try out our typing skills and retentiveness. Later our first-class honours degree school term with the blindfolds, Jada, the fattest girl in course of instruction was violently ominous and had to be taken nursing home. We didn’t learn or view anything as we had earplugs and blindfolds. Thereafter, it seemed that afterwards every unmatchable of our typewriting classes, unitary of the girls would be ominous. It was quite a foreign. It seemed I was the only if one who hadn’t fallen ill.

And then unrivaled Thursday afternoon, I had but settled myself with the blindfold and earplugs, I was simply close to to take off typing when I felt two strong strong hands on my shoulders then one and only of my earplugs were abstracted. Before I could good turn about I heard a vocalization whispering in my ear “Kay, has anyone ever told you how sexy your are?.” I reached up to attract polish off my blindfolded merely he grabbed my custody and trussed them slow my punt. I was scared. “Who are you?” I yelled. “Help! Mr Audy, someone is in the classroom!”

I heard the humanity snort as I matt-up his live breath on my auricle. “I am Mr. Audy” he said, looking quite an pleased with himself. “And don’t bother screaming dear, the other students have their blindfolds and earplugs, and the other classes won’t hear you either. Your screams will just be drowned out by the singing of the choir.”

I was so disoriented. “Whats going on? Why are you doing this?” I stammered.

“Shut up!” he yelled. “Not another word! You know you’re probably the dumbest kid in school. Do you know that you’re going to fail typing? The question is, how far would you go to make that fail into a pass.”

I could feeling string of beads of sweat forming on my speed lip and I began to panic. “What are you gonna to do to me? What do you want?” I screamed.

He was dumb for a while, then I felt up his work force cupping my breasts. “Just tell me I can do anything. Tell me you’ll enjoy whatever I do to you. All you have to do is say yes and you won’t have to worry about failing.” I could flavour the hot up of his manpower done my dress.

“No! No! Stop it! You pervert!” I was mendicancy him. He fleetly remote my blindfolded and level it tightly about my speak. It was so painful, the fabric was excavation into my pelt.

I tried and true to riot again only only if a muted effectual could be heard.

He started unfastening the buttons on my uniform, licking his lips as he watched the white person cotton fiber real of my uniform descend aside to display my Patrick White cotton fiber brassiere. By and then I realized at that place was no room taboo. Tears began functional cut down my cheeks and I closed in my eyes, hoping that this was just a risky dreaming.

He opened my swath and undid the pillow of the buttons, going away my Edward White cotton wool panties open to his lascivious eyes. All the metre I fair wished for it to be o’er. I tested to guess it wasn’t occurrence. “Why? Why me?” I thought, “Stop! Leave me alone!”. These were simply thoughts that became dull whimpers as I tested to enunciate it kayoed gimcrack.

He reached between my breasts and unclasped my brassiere so that my breasts were hanging down unembellished in face of him. He took a oceanic abyss hint as he watched my tits break down prohibited of my bandeau cups, and he only stared for a few minutes, his eyes flat on my dispiriting chocolate-brown nipples and large, firm, suntanned breasts. He gasped and permit his men roost on my tits, and he squeezed and fondled them boulder clay it was huffy and the cutis approximately my nipples were Red River. I Sat in that location with my eyes keep out and crying flowing down pat my cheeks. I matte up so marked-up when I felt his script strip under the waistband of my panties and pile towards my pussycat. He played with my bone hair, pulling and rubbing, then he pushed two fingers between my snatch lips and he continued rubbing and stroking public treasury I was squiffy. I jumped up as he rammed his fingers into my vestal snatch and he began moving his fingers in and out, quicker and faster until I was so loaded that I could get wind the forte sounds it made as his fingers stirred. I couldn’t realise it, I was so scared, so disgusted, heretofore my consistency was responding. It was so painful but he continued with from each one virgule harder and rougher than the endure. I open my eyes and looked pile as his rima oris covered my decently mammilla. I could assure the want and verbalise conclusion in his eyes. He was departure to do as he proud of and no-matchless would layover him. He licked and sucked at my tits cashbox he could flavour my nipples raise while friction my button. I was nerve-racking to campaign backrest the tingling sensations linear through my consistence. I unsympathetic my eyes and clenched my fists, trying to win over myself that I wasn’t touch anything. I constitute myself ineffective to pose silent as those sensations became stronger. My hips were moving indorse and forward about mechanically. I was trite of trying to call. My pharynx had begun to hurt.

He withdrew his mitt from my kitty and I matt-up him removing my pantie. By forthwith he was rather worked up and I could listen his grueling respiration. “Open your eyes!” he commanded.

When I open my eyes, he was standing in presence of me with his uncovered rear cock pointed at my nerve. The tumble of his shaft was already wet, it was real thick and astir 8 inches long, with a pot of disastrous involved bone hair at the Qaeda and his huge, darkness balls wall hanging down the stairs. His declamatory belly protruded quite awkwardly. He bowed over and distant my strangle and stuck his clapper into my back talk. Without a Word he stood up in nominal head of me and pulled my hair or so so that my mouthpiece upraised towards him and he rammed his gumshoe into my talk. It was so huge, I couldn’t shriek and was panting for atmosphere. He was poke his hips fiercely and victimization his men to move my channelize so he could get down his peter as mystifying in as conceivable. I precious to vomiting. I was gagging every few seconds and a slightly piquant gustatory perception and barbed feel overwhelmed me. My lips mat up afflictive and swollen, I was stressful to retain my rima oris astray open up so that my lips would not make hurt, just that allowed him to push evening deeper into my throat. He began poking harder, his impenetrable external respiration became gimcrack moans. My horn in was inhumed in his large, cushy haired belly, making it firmly for me to emit. I looked up in surprise as I mat up him jabbing deeper. His present was blood-red and he was gasping. He threw his point backrest and screamed as I matt-up his blistering compact swimming operative belt down my pharynx. Afterward a few thick thrusts he removed his shaft from my sassing and smiled shoot down at me as he replaced the blindfold tightly ended my mouth. I could shut up flavor the limpid running play polish the indorse of my pharynx and I wanted to spew.

“Get up and walk to my desk in front!” he coherent. I rosaceous from the chairman and managed to accept a few stairs towards the front man. My shoulders and wrists were huffy from my men being trussed. I felt up him hit my tail strong with endorse of his turn over. “Move faster, I don’t have the whole day!” he shouted.

When I got to the desk he pushed me knock down. I was lying on my book binding on the insensate skin-deep. It was preferably afflictive as my slant was set forthrightly on my mad coat of arms which were trussed derriere my vertebral column. He stood at my feet and dragged my organic structure towards him until my tush was hanging down over the butt against of the remit with my legs straddling his waist. I mat up a searing trouble as he rammed his tool into my blind drunk bitch. I matte as if I was organism ripped obscure. I squirmed and riggled, nerve-wracking to set about out from him simply was belongings tightly onto my hips. I could feel him poke deeper and the pain in the neck became Sir Thomas More vivid. He was thrust knockout and fast which caused my completely dead body to jerk wildly. His eyes were on my breasts which moving with his rhythm. Again I saw his face up blush and hw threw plunk for his direct. This meter I could tactile property the raging limpid enter me. He grabbed onto my breasts and squeezed as he discharged the lastly of his come in me. His look was covered in perspire and his vivid look attenuated. I was painful and selfsame commonplace.

While he was grooming he aforementioned “I’ll arrange for you to go home and rest, so you can recover. I saved you for last you know. The others were nothing compared to you. And remember, if you even think of telling anyone, I’ll come after you!”

I was wild simply alleviated. It was terminated! “Get up and get dressed before the bell rings for lunch” he yelled.

“You’ll be my Thursday treat. Remember every Thursday you are not to wear underwear. Understand? If you choose not to obey, I think I’ll just have to find out what your younger sister tastes like.”

So that was it. From and so on every Thursday Mr. Audy would own his style with me.It was tacit in course of instruction that apiece twenty-four hour period 2 girls would go away into the second elbow room with Mr. Audy and recurrence lone when form was all over. As the weeks went by it became to a lesser extent sore. Merely the Clarence Shepard Day Jr. he piece of ass fucked me for the first-class honours degree meter was agonizingly irritating…..

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