by marshallpaquin8


“Very simply put, we offer the finest oral, vaginal, and anal sex in the world.”

My lip dropped give as I stared at her. She didn’t wink. She didn’t smile. She was deeply dangerous. She had made what she believed was a statement of infrangible fact in reply to my head. I closed my back talk and enveloped the saliva that had congregate in it as I pondered the possibilities of the dealing that I was considering. I couldn’t assistant glancing over again at the big notebook computer which she had situated on the small postpone in figurehead of me. It contained a portfolio of the women usable to cater the noteworthy services she had described.

“All of our agents have been trained in various erotic techniques solely for the purpose of maximizing the sensual pleasure of our clientele. Obviously, because of the time and money we have invested in them, they are required to work exclusively for our agency. But, perfection demands a high price.”

She intercrossed her correct ramification o’er her left, her put off rising a few inches in a higher place her human knee. She reached forward, and grasped the spread over of the notebook computer between the dead manicured indicator digit and flick of her leftfield deal. “Would you like to review our portfolio? All of our agents have included personal profiles which describe particular personality traits and special talents which they possess.”

My nitty-gritty was racing at the expectation of sightedness the profiles. It hadn’t occurred to me in the decade years that it had taken to mother this ALIR that I would be so unrestrained by merely looking at at a notebook.

I’d been having lunch with Matt Gilmore WHO was stressful to win over me that I should hold his company to produce our materials dispersion software programme. We’d known from each one former for respective years, although our contacts had been Sir Thomas More line than sociable in nature. Matte is more or less my age, just past forty, middling in looks and build, and had always seemed wish the typical, worthy businessman.

Comparable me, Matte had been matrimonial for twenty dollar bill long time or so; had kids, a suburban Newmarket home, and seemed comparatively slaked with his life sentence. I had already decided that I would go with his marriage offer for the software program and was jolly certain that he knew that. Therefore, our conversation had rambled to the distinctive topics of cars, sports, and eventually, when he commented on the stunning legs of our waitress, sex activity.

“Yes,” I agreed, watching the Danton True Young waitress walk of life out from our table, her hips lilting provocatively, “very, very nice.”

He sighed deeply, and I could visualise that his thoughts had in short wandered Interahamwe aside someplace. “Mmmmm. Might be time for another vacation,” he commented, winning a booze from his beer physiognomy and reversive his eyes to me.

“Yeah? Where’re you going?”


I took a sharpness of my sandwich and waited for him to exposit. When he didn’t, I pushed the capable. “The Bahamas? Virgin Islands?”

“No. Much closer to home than that.” He peered discretely to either go with of our tabular array and leaned toward me a few inches. “Have you ever..,” he paused momentarily, as if deciding whether to continue, “wanted a little variety in your life?”

It was obvious he was referring to women. Presumptuous in that respect was no real number damage in a lilliputian man-to-valet confession I responded, “Sure. Who hasn’t?”

“Have you ever had any?”

“Variety, you mean?” When he nodded, I continued. “No. Kind of difficult. Also, kind of dangerous.” I stuffed French people french fries into my mouth and detailed as I chewed. “With my luck, I’d end up in one of those nightmarish situations like in the movies. Besides, who has the time to do it?”

Lusterlessness smiled as if he knew the solvent to a difficult numerical equality. “That’s how I felt about it, too. But, it’s really a matter of money, not time.”

“Well, that too, I guess.”

“No,” he said palpitation his fountainhead thoughtfully, “I mean paying for it.”

I lowered my lead somewhat and furrowed my brow at him, display dislike at his suggestion. I would never own likely so much a point out from him.

“Paying for paradise,” he explained, his eyes unfold blanket.

“You’re kidding.” I poured a cumulation of ketchup onto my denture and swaybacked deuce french-fried potatoes it, not pickings my eyes remove of him. “That’s just not real smart, Matt.”

He leaned a footling nigher to me and lowered his vocalise. “I don’t mean street walkers or the escort services in the phone book. That is pretty stupid.”

He had finished his luncheon and pushed his crustal plate away to the corner of the table, bountiful him way to tilt on his elbows yet closer toward me. “Two years ago I got a big contract with…well the company doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I went out drinking one night with the vice president of programming. He was getting pretty bombed and started raving about the incredible night he’d spent with this girl that another software company had arranged for him to meet in a hotel room hoping that he would buy from their company.

He showed me the business card that the girl gave him and ended up so drunk that he left it on the bar when he staggered out to his car. I picked it up when he left and stuck it in my coat pocket. I didn’t even think about it for a month or so, until one day I reached into my pocket and found it again.”

I finished the lastly of my nutrient and leaned plump for in my chairman. Matt’s eyes were decent wider and brighter, nigh gleaming as he continued his narration. I smiled wryly at him. “So, you’re going to fix me up with a hooker to try to get my business, huh?” I jested.

“Not hardly. I’m giving you the best deal you can get, and you know it. Besides, I don’t work that way.”

“Good, because I wouldn’t do it.”

“The card just had the girl’s name on it, Cindy, and a phone number. I’d just landed a big account that I’d been chasing for several weeks and felt really good, so I called the number. I talked to a woman with a real sexy voice for quite a while, just chatting, until she asked me how I’d gotten the number. She could have been anybody, you know? She wouldn’t say a whole lot unless I gave her the name of the guy I’d gotten the card from. Man, that was scary. But, I did. They don’t advertise. They only take clients who are referred from previous customers. She said that if I was interested in talking more, I’d have to pass their screening.”


“Yeah. It took about a week. I don’t need to go into that. Anyway, it was sort of exciting just finding out what it was all about.”

“So, did you see Cindy?” I asked, astonished by his confession.

Matte snorted through his intrude. “Hell, no. I saw her picture though. She’s not my type. But, the other women I have seen are utterly unbelievable.”

I was aghast. “You’ve done this more than once?” I mustiness have plumbed perfectly dumbstruck to Matted. He embossed his eyebrows and glared at me defensively.

“Wes,” he was vibration his maneuver easy rear and forth, “you just wouldn’t believe it.”

The waitress returned to our remit and clear the unclean dishes. In reply to her inquiry, we told her that we were through and cherished our contain. I noticed once again how attractive she was, specially her shapely legs.

“Yes, indeed,” I commented. “That is one nice lady.”

“Her?” Lustrelessness jerked his channelize toward the young mantrap as she retreated. “She’s not even in the same league as the women I’m talking about.”

I canted my head teacher to single face and studied Matt’s facial expression as he downed the endure of his beer. I had ne’er had anyone hold to me in front that they had through with what Mat had. He readiness his phiz down, took his pocketbook knocked out of his pocket, and threw a lot of money on the postpone.

“Paradise, man. I’m not kidding. I’ve done it about every four or five months. I can’t afford to do it more often. But, if I could, I certainly would.”

“You’ve got to be crazy, Matt. How do you know one of those prostitutes isn’t going to smack you over the head and rob you? Or worse, threaten to blackmail you?”

“Well, Wes, I guess you’d have to enjoy it to understand. Prostitute is last word I’d use to describe any of the women I’ve been with.”

My discourse with Matte preoccupied me for the adjacent various weeks. I base myself gawking at beautiful women on the sidewalks, in stores, everywhere; questioning whether they were in the Saami “league” with the women Matt had paying for. I wondered whether it would be worth the put on the line and money to placate my self with so much a gorgeous brute.

Eventually, I telephoned Lusterlessness at his part and asked him for Thomas More entropy. He gave me the turn and told me that I could articulate that he had referred me. The ane matter I required to do, he said, was be affected role. Erst I was in, it would be Worth it.

It took me some other two days to set about up decent heart to cry. I waited until everyone else in my billet had expended. My custody were shivering as I dialed the add up.

“Hello?” The female spokesperson plumbed mature, sexy, and positive. My part daft as I responded with the Lapp greeting.

“How are you today?”

“I’m, ah, fine, thank you. A friend of mine gave me this number and suggested that I call.”

“That’s nice. Who is your friend?” I told her. “Oh, Matt is such a darling. Is he well?”

“Well? Ah, yes, certainly.”

“Good. Tell me about yourself.”

This seemed singular. I had been prepared to necessitate her roughly her agency, and she had wholly thrown and twisted me for a grommet. I gave her my age, described my appearance, and gave her a undefined description of what I do for a support. Intermittently she would stool a remark or opaque levelheaded of approval as I rung to her.

Finally, I told her, “I’d like to know more about your service.”

“Excellent.” She plumbed as if I had offered her a winning lottery ticket. “Are you free tomorrow evening at six?”

Wow, I thinking. That was immediate.

“Well, I’m not sure I actually want to…”

“Please,” she off-and-on me. “I’m just suggesting that we meet in person to continue our discussion. You’re certainly under no obligation.”

“Oh,” I said, assumptive this was the first-class honours degree abuse of the masking swear out. “Tomorrow at six, sure.”

That started the travel that in the end concluded in uneasily anticipating the curtain raising of the notebook. The succeeding solar day later do work I met a cleaning lady World Health Organization identified herself as Elaine at a really discriminate suburban eating house. I was passably frustrated. She was believably in her early on forties, quite attractive for her age, very line of work in her personal manner and dress, merely not at totally what I had expected. As we talked, she wrote notes on a modest embellish she had taken from her pocketbook. She didn’t demand me anything likewise personal, but her inquiries smooth seemed a moment invasive.

She asked roughly my hobbies, around my John Roy Major in college, just about my front-runner foods – harmless things equal that. Never at one time did she extend to on my income, my job, or my family line liveliness. Naught in our give-and-take could let been well thought out remotely connected with wind up.

Apiece clock time I well-tried to mannerism a head around the agency, or the women I might examine if I became a client, she would rattling graciously bullock the conversation rear to me by explaining that, if everything worked out, totally my questions would be answered. After chatting for almost an hour, she lay her trudge in her purse, arose from her chair, and offered me her pass.

“I think I have everything I need. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.”

“Well, thank you,” I responded, as I allowed her to mildly grip my handwriting. I was reasonably dumfounded that I had well-read dead aught just about what I was acquiring myself into. It besides smitten me that I had in reality aforesaid really small which could be screened. “What happens next?”

“I’ll be in touch with you; probably in the next few days.” She smiled warmly as she slipped her cake concluded her shoulders. “Goodbye, Wes.” She off and walked taboo of the eating place.

As presently as she had deceased proscribed the door, I wanted to endure afterward her. How would she start out in ghost with me, I wondered? I hadn’t granted her a call up come to song. In fact, she knew my name, and I hadn’t told her what it was.

Concluded the following week I ran my conversation with Elaine done my pass repeatedly. I had add up to the determination that something I had aforesaid or done, or something around me, had disqualified me rightfield from the initiate. It was a screw up to my ego, nigh equivalent non getting a Book of Job stem which I’d applied. To cerebrate that there was something near me that would crusade prostitutes to refuse me had sure enough touched my self-regard.

Several times I persuasion more or less telephoning Mat to demand him if the covering should direct this long, just didn’t deficiency to abash myself. If he always brought it up again, I could precisely enjoin him that I didn’t address the telephone number he’d granted me. Unless, of course, Elaine had asked him virtually me in front my question.

Leash days later, I had jolly often commit the totally affair tabu of my listen. In fact, I mat up cockamamy for having known as Lusterlessness in the beginning spot. What could be Sir Thomas More poor fish than pickings a take a chance that could love up my biography for estimable?

At just about Captain Hicks o’clock I was sitting at my desk finish up around exploit earlier head national when my cadre phone rang. I fictitious that it was my wife vocation to expect me to find fault something up from the salt away.

“Hello?” I said cheerfully.

“Hello, Wes.” It was Elaine’s vocalization. “I hope you’re well.”

“Yes, I am.” My palms became loaded with perspiration directly.

“Whenever you’d like to utilize our service, please feel free to give me a call to arrange an appointment.”

There was a swelling in my pharynx. The phone of her interpreter had totally changed my attitude. “Well, ah,” I stuttered, trying non to profound likewise impatient, “anytime.”

“I’m available to meet with you this evening.”

“For..?” I inquired.

“To answer your questions and give you the opportunity to review our agents and make your choice.”

“Oh. Great.” I was relieved. Having no apology not to be household inside the future one-half hour, I staged an fitting at Elaine’s spot the succeeding morning.

It was in a freshly constructed Stone and deoxyephedrine construction conveniently placed barely bump off the throughway. The directory in the hall enrolled a diversity of occupational group offices, including accountants and utilization recruiters. On the moment knock down the modest mark side by side to the doorway displayed EDT Planning.

When I open the door, a pleasant chime began automatically. I entered a belittled reception surface area elegantly furnished with easy chairs and adorned with real expensive-looking at framed inunct paintings. I didn’t take meter to seat ahead Elaine opened the inner door and greeted me. She LED me into a enceinte office, hardly as elegantly equipped as the reception region.

“It’s good to see you again,” she told me with a smile, indicating that I should consume a seat on a large, tufted, bolshie leather cast. I declined her extend of something to drink, and she Saturday blue following to me. “We’re always delighted to welcome new clients. If you ever have a special request or a question about our services, feel free to call me. Of course, every effort must be made to maintain the strictest confidentiality. So, please arrange an appointment before coming to this office.”

“Of course.” That entirely made sentiency. It could be delicate confluence your next doorway neighbour in the hallway extraneous. “What is EDT Planning?”

She smiled sweet and fluttered her eyelashes. “I’m a licensed financial consultant. I handle most of the investment accounts for our agents as well as several of our customers. If you’re ever interested in relocating your investments, I’d be glad to discuss new strategies with you.”

I was amazed. I shot I shouldn’t make been. Afterwards all, Elaine appeared to be a real competent person.

“I’m not sure how much Matt told you about us. Our rates are based upon time and the number of agents with whom you wish to spend it. Our minimum encounter is two hours. The maximum is up to you. Interludes of more than eight hours will require at least three days advance arrangements. Also, if travel is involved we expect you to furnish transportation, lodging, and meals. Did you have an idea of the length of encounter you’d like?”

“Ah, the minimum to start with, I suppose.”

“That’s usually what our new clients prefer. Why don’t you let me show you the portfolio of agents who are currently available?”

That’s when my attention was low raddled to the notebook computer on the shelve in front line of us. From what I had seen of her function there was nothing in it other than that notebook, presumably, which would devote any indication that it wasn’t the solve target of a successful commercial enterprise advisor.

“Our minimum fee is one thousand dollars, payable in advance, in cash,” she declared as she reached for the notebook computer.

Lusterlessness had mentioned that it would be expensive, merely that total of money for two hours seemed astronomical. “For what?” I blurted come out involuntarily.

My doubt prompted the answer, Thomas More the likes of a promise, that had made my sassing fall open up in disbelief: “The finest oral, vaginal, and anal sex in the world.”

My mettle value was well terminated ace hundred per moment when she opened the notebook. The first gear of the pages was a colourise photograph, plain professionally produced, of a stunning blond in a cherry-red even night-robe. Her name, Lori, was emblazoned crossways the cover in crimson and gilded letters. The prime of the Page easy equaled that of an advertisement in a mode cartridge.

“Lori is twenty-six. She’s been with us for nearly four years now.” Elaine sour to the adjacent page, which was a snap of the blond in a selfsame humble two-piece on a latitude beach. She was utterly mouthwatering. “She would be an excellent choice for your first encounter.”

She turned another Page and I byword a good brass shooting of one and only of the all but beautiful women I had ever so seen. All but the bed of the see was what Elaine moldiness make characterised as a grammatical category profile, on the face of it in Lori’s have handwriting: “To fully enjoy the erotic adventures I can give you, let me take control. But, if you’d rather to take the lead, I’ll follow you anywhere you want to go.” `Anywhere’ was underlined.

“Wow.” I said, all but nether my intimation. “Can I look back at the previous page?”

“I’m sure you’ll want to review all of our agents.” She directly off to the succeeding page.

I was dumbstruck. In all, there were XIV ravishingly gorgeous women in the portfolio of unlike ages, races, and sizes. The preponderating invariable was that to each one single was nigh everlasting in strong-arm appearing. However, the pictures revealed no Sir Thomas More than you would pick up in a washup case or lingerie catalogue. The astounding affair was that the women were non in the distinctive promiscuous poses you would check in men’s magazines. The suggestions of intimate delights, however, flowed equivalent rivers from the personal profiles.

The lay out of womanly flawlessness I had seen had charmed me. One-half way through and through the notebook computer I perceived a pleasant prickling in my scrotum. I fought rearward an erection, only could tactile property that seminal mobile was trickling extinct of me, my torso ostensibly preparing for sexual activeness.

Draw close the end of the portfolio, I adage pictures of Cindy. She was a pleasant-tasting brunette with large, snipe breasts and toothsome hips. Although I would feature been overjoyed with her, I in agreement with Flat that many of the early choices were Sir Thomas More magnetic.

“Well,” Elaine asked, “did you find anyone you’d like to spend time with?”

I looked at her and smiled. In my thinker her question was dead derisory. “That really is a silly question, you know.”

She smiled back, knowingly. “The beauty of it is that the choice is entirely yours.”

The wry truth was, among entirely the improbably very well women pictured, I did cause a choice: a lovely, flyspeck blond WHO was the image of my sexual fantasies when I was younger. “May I see Dawn again?” I asked moderately sheepishly, flavor as if I had disclosed something some my head by stating my option.

“Of course. An excellent choice.” She in some manner knew on the nose which pageboy to twist to. Instantly I was unadulterated into the refulgent blue-blooded eyes of a golden-hairy nymph whose winning construction promised worlds of pleasure. Her complexion was flawless. She looked comparable she could rich person been anyplace ‘tween xix and twenty-quintet.

Her profile read: “I think of myself as a delicate flower. If you treat me like one, I will blossom with passion for you. Only you. Let me bathe you with my warmth, then I’ll spread my petals and surround you until you glow with fulfillment.”

As I interpret the visibility again, Elaine elaborate promote. “Dawn is twenty-three, 5-6, one hundred ten pounds. She’s a natural blonde. She has a wonderful, endearing personality. Her particular specialties are her remarkable oral techniques. In fact, Dawn has taught her extraordinary talents to several of our other agents.”

My foreplay increased as I listened to her and stared at the shoot of the beautiful untried adult female. I began to fantasy around her pin-up ping lips cloaked approximately me. I was suddenly aquiline. I had to get hold come out of the closet if the plug Elaine and Matt had tending me was avowedly. The job was it would price me a thousand dollars.

“What if I’m not satisfied with Dawn after meeting her?” I asked. It seemed to be a sane question, in view of the total of money I would be investment.

Elaine smiled that learned smile once more and restfully cleared her throat. She outspread her fingers separate and situated her palms together in front end of her chest, almost as if she were praying or handsome a grave testimonial. “Our clients are always satisfied with all of our agents.” She chuckled wryly and continued, “With Dawn, usually several times.”

Oh, my Immortal! What interesting possibilities, I thought process to myself. “Where will we..?” My vocalism trailed off, non wise precisely how to give voice my head.

“Your home, your hotel way – anywhere that’s safety and comfy.”

That was that. I left the issue open with Elaine, letting her know I was interested and that I would get back to her about a definite date. The next two days were anxious ones as I tried to decide where I could arrange the meeting with the least possibility of detection. I concocted a story for my wife that I would be meeting a prospective client for dinner after work and wouldn’t be home until probably after nine o’clock. I found a moderately priced hotel and reserved a room with a cash payment, not wanting to risk using a credit card.

After telephoning Elaine, I went to her office and paid the fee. I was afraid that she would balk at the hotel I had selected, but she gave no indication that it was beneath her agents to make a visit there. We agreed that I would need to give her my room number by four o’clock, two hours before the time Dawn was to arrive for our interlude.

I was on pins and needles the rest of the day. My mind was occupied with taking care of every loose end in order to avoid any detection of what I had planned. I left my office early and picked up a couple liter bottles of soft drinks, a bottle of white wine, a bottle of scotch, a lemon, and some apples and oranges. I had no idea what Dawn would like to drink or eat, or even whether she would want anything, but thought that I had chosen a good variety. I also picked up a package of condoms. It was the first time I had bought them in eons.

The room was typical for a contemporary hotel. It was essentially filled by the king size bed, but a small desk and two upholstered chairs were crammed into it to make it look like more than just a cubicle to sleep in. The first thing I did was telephone Elaine to give her my room number. She told me that she would call Dawn and added that she was excited about meeting me. When I mentioned that I was somewhat nervous, she assured me that I had a very enjoyable evening to look forward to.

I filled the ice bucket before setting the drinks and snacks on the top of the dresser. Then, I showered and shaved, using a disposable razor I had sneaked out of the house that morning. The anticipation was killing me. I had hoped that the shower would relax me, but I felt more butterflies in my stomach that I could ever remember.

I poured myself a scotch and water and turned on the television set, thinking that it would take my mind off Dawn’s expected arrival. By five forty-five, I had looked through the peep hole in the door at least a half dozen times, getting accustomed to how the hall looked through the fish-eye glass. If someone else was in the hall when Dawn arrived, I wanted to know before opening the door.

Ten minutes later, my nerves were in knots and paranoia had begun to set in. Every possible horrible situation was creeping into my brain. What if this was actually an elaborate police sting? What if someone walked down the hall and recognized me as I opened the door? What if Dawn had a heart attack? What if I had a heart attack? What if, despite all the assurances from Matt and Elaine, Dawn turned out to be a drug addict, or worse.

I thought of calling Elaine to cancel the deal, but realized that Dawn was surely already on her way to meet me. Of course, I could always just thank Dawn for coming and tell her to go away. I’d be out the thousand dollars, plus the ninety bucks for the room, but I would minimize the risk.

My thoughts stopped swirling immediately when I heard a knock at the door. She was here. I took two steps toward the door, then vainly stepped back to check myself out in the mirror. Curiously, I didn’t even think to sneak a peek at her through the spy hole before opening the door.

In real life, standing there gazing at me with the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen, she was far more beautiful and alluring than her photographs. She smiled and displayed perfect, glistening white teeth between her full lips which were meticulously adorned with a shiny, red coating of lipstick. Her tiny nostrils flared almost imperceptibly as an expression of delight at seeing me appeared on her youthful, beautiful face. Soft blonde curls, a slightly different style from her photographs, framed her head and fell lazily against her shoulders.

“Wes?” Her head tilted half an inch to the side as the sweet sound of her voice flowed from her throat. She was wearing a dark blue coat that covered her from the base of her lovely neck to just above her knees. A large, leather hand bag hung just above her right hip from a strap over her shoulder. Her shapely, slender calves tapered into slim well-defined ankles. Her dark blue pumps, which matched her coat, had three inch heels.

“Yes. Hi.” I knew I was staring, but couldn’t help it. I moved backwards, almost tripping over myself, to allow her to enter the room. She came in a few steps and turned toward me as I closed the door.

I could swear from the look in her eyes that she was admiring me as much as I was her, or at least making me think as much. She raised her right hand slowly. I raised mine in response, assuming we would shake. But instead, in probably the most graceful move I’d ever seen, she placed her fingertips on my cheek, arose onto her toes, and kissed me gently on the lips.

“I’m already glad I’m here,” she told me as her lips left mine. “You’re fifty-fifty to a greater extent well-favored than Elaine had LED me to conceive.”

What a gracious way to break the ice, I thought. “And you’re tied More beautiful than your pictures.” I was stunned that my voice didn’t crack.

“Why, thank you, Wes.” She glanced into the room and her eyes opened wider. “Ooo, a big businessman size hump. My favourite.”

The butterflies in my stomach were surely dizzy by now from their incessant flight in such a confined space. “Army of the Pure me learn your coat,” I proposed, extending my arm toward her. She placed her bag on the dresser and unbuttoned her garment.

“Scotch,” she declared, seeing the bottle and slipping her arms free of the coat. “Are you communion?”

“Of course,” I responded, eying her angular, bare shoulders as I helped her off with her coat.

She wore a simple, dark gray slip dress, cut straight at the bodice and back, with thin spaghetti straps. I couldn’t tell if it was silk or not, but it was tailored precisely to accentuate her petite body. It fit tightly against her breasts and upper torso, then flared elegantly at her waist, draping over her narrow hips. I was considerably underdressed in comparison, wearing casual cotton slacks and a long sleeved knit polo shirt.

“I take in White wine, too. I very had no musical theme what to rich person usable.”

“Sparing is just now ticket. With piss?” she asked as she moved to stand close to me in front of the dresser. She smelled fresh, sweet; not like any perfume I’d ever smelled before.

“I desire you don’t head my fingers,” I said as I started to reach into the ice bucket.

“Let’s see,” she said, grabbing my hand just before I reached the ice cubes and raising it in front of her face. She studied my hand for a second, then placed the tips of each of my fingers between her lips in slow succession, making faint slurping sounds as she removed her them from her lips. “Nope, not at all,” she said with a satisfied grin, her magnificent eyes glancing up at me suggestively.

The butterflies immediately flew south and congregated between my legs, flapping their wings faster than they had when they were in my stomach. Her unbelievably sexy gesture had suddenly put me at ease and made me remember why I had decided to do this in the first place. Under no other conceivable circumstances could I possibly be in a hotel room with such a beautiful, young woman. The anticipation that I would soon be having sex with her was an extraordinary boost to my ego.

I filled the glasses with ice and poured approximate shots of scotch into each one. As I did, I felt her left hand lightly stroking my back in large circles. Numerous valves and spigots inside me were adjusting themselves automatically, routing blood to my penis. I was nearly rock hard by the time I moved to the bathroom to add water to her glass.

I returned and she stood close, facing me, as I handed her drink to her. She took a sip, leaving a delightful red imprint of her adorable lower lip on the rim of the glass. After passing the tip of her tongue between her lips, she stated, “You equivalent hockey.”

In fact, I was a hockey nut. But, I hadn’t mentioned that to Elaine. It was either an uncanny deduction or the screening process was far more detailed than I had ever dreamed. “I surely do.”

“I’ve simply been to a few games, just I guess it’s swell.”

Her eyes beamed at me as if she thought I could explain to her all the nuances of the game as well as the most mysterious secrets of life in a matter of minutes. I knew in my heart that this was all artificial – all bought and paid for – but I hadn’t had a woman make me feel the way I felt at that moment for over twenty years. I took a huge gulp of scotch as she continued.

“It’s so fast: no pauses ilk other games.” She was just inches away from me. Everything about her movements, her eyes, and her voice said that she was mine: that I could take her whenever and however I wanted. She was so young, so virginal, so obviously willing. We chatted about hockey as we sipped our drinks and gazed at each other. Every square inch of her skin that I could see was absolutely perfect.

She was drawing the best of my personality out of me. I found myself being quite witty, making her laugh with almost every comment I made. And when she would laugh, she would reach out and touch my arm or my hand. I’m no expert on body language, but her stance and movements were yelling volumes in my direction. We could have stood there talking for hours, I suppose, the sexual drama building inside us. Well, in me at least.

But, I was ready for more than just talk. When neither of us had said anything for a few seconds, she swiveled her right leg to the side, her foot pointed away from her. She held her glass close to her face and rubbed the top of it against her lower lip, extending the tip of her tongue and licking the smooth bead on the rim. It was a magnificent, erotic invitation.

I leaned my head toward her, and she met my mouth with the most delicious lips I’d ever tasted. Her kiss was not passive. Her moist lips moved against mine eagerly, opening wider ever so slowly until her tongue slipped into my mouth. I heard the sound of her glass meeting the top of the desk as she set it down behind her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and fell against me. The fabric of her dress was so sheer that I could feel her fantastic contours, the firmness of her breasts and the separation of her legs at her crotch, press against me. Even though I held a glass in one hand, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer, savoring the phenomenal shapes of her lovely form.

I groped behind her until I found the top of the dresser and placed my glass on it. She continued to kiss me, becoming increasingly more passionate by the second. Soft whimpers of pleasure began to escape from her nasal passages, seemingly beckoning me to suck her tongue into my mouth. She began to undulate her hips, slowly at first, rubbing her pubic mound against my thigh.

Our lips parted, and she ran her tongue across my cheek, finally nibbling on my earlobe. I felt the sweet, moist, warmth of her breath on my neck. Her entire body was writhing in erratic arcs and circles against me. I ran my hands down her back and felt the enticing, firm curves of her buttocks. In response, she flicked her tongue into my ear.

The fluttering between my legs was reaching the point of no return. Another thirty seconds of feeling what she was doing to me would inevitably result in orgasm, even though we both still had our clothes on. I pulled away from her and reached for the straps at her shoulders. At the same time, she pulled the tail of my shirt out of my pants and yanked it over my head. I raised my arms to allow her to complete her objective, after which she tossed the shirt on the floor.

“What a prissy chest of drawers. I lie with this,” she said softly, stroking me lightly and bringing her mouth to my neck, working her lips down farther. I couldn’t remember the last time a woman had commented on my chest.

I pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and reached behind her to find the zipper. I also arched my hips back, trying to avoid any contact between her body and my organ, which would surely squirt like a geyser if any part of her brushed against it. Her lips encircled my left nipple as I slid the zipper down to her waist.

Her dress gaped open, and she placed her arms at her sides momentarily to allow it to fall from her body. What an incredible sight. Her delectably round breasts were snuggled tightly in a white lace bra. A minuscule, white lace thong covered the V of her pubic area, just above thigh-high nylons with white lace bands at the tops. The vision I was beholding was nearly enough to make me lose control.

I stepped back and glared at her. “Wow,” I commented. I was nearly panting.

“I’ll yield that as a compliment,” she said, starting to approach me again.

I had to calm down, or my thousand dollar investment would be spent in a matter of seconds. “Hold back!” I didn’t want to shout, but couldn’t help it.

She backed away a step and gave me a quizzical, disappointed look which quickly developed into an expression of understanding. Then she inclined her head, looked at me from under her lovely, long lashes, and smiled, biting her lower lip.

“Hail here, Sweetie,” she said, taking me by the hand. She led me across the room. Watching her nearly naked young body move gracefully as I followed her was certainly not helping me calm down. She turned me so that I was standing in front of one of the upholstered chairs. Kissing me sweetly, she gently pushed me until I sat down. Ever so careful not to touch my throbbing erection, she loosened my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and slid them down to my ankles. Nestling on her knees on the floor, she slipped my shoes and socks off and pulled the pants over my feet.

“This is your time, Wes.” She was staring earnestly into my eyes as she tucked her fingers into the waist band of my underpants. “We privy go as dull or as tight as you desire. But, let me but do this.” She pulled the waist band so that it would stretch over my bulging, hard penis. “Please? It power deepen your lookout completely.”

In one fluid motion, she pulled the underpants off of me and focused her brilliant eyes between my legs. “Oh, what a beautiful, big, cock,” she said softly and slowly, caressing my inner thighs with her fingers. I knew it was flattery. The size of my organ is average at best. But, it still felt fabulous to hear such a gorgeous young beauty say those words so convincingly.

She lifted her eyes slowly to mine as her hands went higher, slowly approaching my scrotum. It felt like minute jolts of electricity were flowing from her fingertips to my skin. “I need you, Wes. I lack to carry you in my lip.”

I wanted exactly the same thing. I’d wanted it since looking at her picture and reading her profile nearly two weeks ago. The problem was I felt like I would come as soon as she touched me. It would be heaven, I knew, but a little embarrassing as well. I kept telling myself that, if I could just slow down and get control of myself, I might last longer. That was merely self-deception.

She licked the inside of my left thigh and my organ pulsed involuntarily. “Simply savor this,” she urged, her eyes never glancing away. “And, don’t vexation. I’m sure enough we’ll get scores Sir Thomas More play collectively.”

She peered again between my legs, stroking my inner thighs with the tips of her meticulously manicured red fingernails. As she lowered her head and began to nibble on my scrotum, I felt my prostate begin to tingle. I also felt an instantaneous pang of horror which flushed the orgasmic sensations away.

“Wait,” I said again, nearly out of breath. “Don’t you want…there are condoms in my bloomers air hole.”

She glanced up at me with a solemn look of concern. “Do you truly privation to concealment up this gorgeous, large sashay with a condom?”

I stared down at her lovely face; just an inch behind what I wanted to thrust into her beautiful mouth. I realized that I had begun rocking my hips, inching my cock toward her luscious lips.

“Do you get anything I could view?” she asked plaintively.

I shook my head slowly from side to side. My mind was spinning at the prospect that she would put her mouth on me, a complete stranger, without protection, and that I would let her to do it.

“I don’t take anything you bum catch,” she told me softly, and very convincingly.

Staring directly into my eyes, with the same provocative expression as in one of her portfolio photographs, she slurped her tongue up the underside of my organ. It pulsed and stiffened.

“But, if you’d be Sir Thomas More well-heeled?”

I knew the risks. Or, I thought that I did. In a flash I made up my mind that, at least at that moment, it was worth it. “No. No, that’s… ticket.”

She raised her hands slowly up my thighs until they encircled the base of my erection. Her tender red lips teased my scrotum, kissing each of my balls in succession. Tilting her head to the side, she ran her mouth down my sack and kissed and sucked my perineum. Thunder began to rumble deep inside me in response to the soft, wet sensation. While she continued to embrace my shaft, she ran her mouth back up over my balls, then up the underside of my shaft so slowly that it took her nearly a minute to reach the sensitive hollow just under the crown.

“Don’t worry, Baby,” she whispered. “Equitable love.”

My eyelids closed to slits and I inhaled deeply as she lowered her warm mouth over me. The softness was beyond description. As I watched more of me disappear between her beautiful lips, it soothed me, taking the edge off my uncontrollable urge to come. Her soft hair felt wonderful brushing on my abdomen and thighs. I kept expecting her to stop her descent and raise her head, but she continued to slide down farther and farther; taking me deeper than any other woman ever had before. It was amazing.

A few seconds later, I felt something I had never felt before. Her throat opened, and the head of my cock slipped gloriously into it. When her lips reached my pubic bone, she began to swallow, the muscles and tissues of her throat massaging my foreskin just below the crown.

“Amazing,” I mumbled. “Oh, Deity. Dead awing.” I cupped the back of her head with my hands and ran my fingers through her hair.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, rotating her head in slow arcs. Her tongue moved up and down and back and forth against me, adding several other dimensions to the exquisite tenderness I was feeling. After probably thirty seconds of the greatest feeling I’d ever had, she raised her lips slowly. I gasped as I felt the head of my cock pull out of the tightness her throat. She stopped her ascent when only half of my hardness was in her mouth. Then, emitting a sigh of satisfaction, she plunged down a little faster until she was swallowing me again.

Semen was churning in my prostate. I could feel the energy of my body flowing like lightning bolts toward the pleasure centers between my legs.

“Come home!” I realized it was the first time I’d said her name since she’d arrived.

She raised her head suddenly and began pumping her mouth up and down on me, her lips nursing the upper half of my length. She threw her head from side to side, moaning as she worked on me. She wrapped her right hand around the base and stroked, matching the rhythm of her mouth. I felt the tension reach a pinnacle, and my prostate clenched like a fist. At the same time, she placed her left hand behind my scrotum and pressed hard against the internal root of my cock. Her right hand squeezed the base, pushing it upward and against my pubic bone.

I felt an immense internal rush and the intense sensation of a tremendous orgasm. But, nothing shot through my trembling, throbbing cock. Over and over, strong contractions rocked my prostate, bringing waves of pleasure, causing me to grunt in ecstasy. But, incredibly, Dawn had held back my ejaculation. Her mouth and lips never wavered in sucking up and down on me wantonly, as if coaxing the come to pump through my urethra in forceful spurts into her mouth.

She had probably only had her mouth on me less than two minutes, but I thought it would never end. Either my orgasm lasted longer than I ever thought imaginable, or I experienced a series of profound, separate orgasms in quick succession. It was better than heaven. Yes, I had to admit. It was paradise.

As my contractions subsided, she slowed and caressed my organ delicately with her lips. She glanced up at me, and our eyes met.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in a tone of delight. She gently released me and slithered up my body until her lovely face was just an inch from mine. The firmness of her lace covered breasts compressed against my chest. “How was that?” she whispered. “I told you non to concern.”

I kissed her passionately. As I did, I became aware that my cock was still as hard as ever, and that she was straddling me, rubbing her lace covered vulva against it. “Amazing,” I responded, feeling as if I had regained control.

“I’m gladiolus. I have intercourse your rooster. I have intercourse to suckle it.” She was undulating and rocking her hips. “I’d like to suck it some more; over and over. And, when you’re ready, I’d like to swallow your pretty cock and feel you shoot your come down my throat.”

Oh, my God, I opinion. She in truth knew how to set about a laugh at in the modality. She kissed me again, suction my clapper into her mouth, and then withdrew an edge or so.

“I want to taste your come.” Her whispers and the gratifying odour of her breathing time were driving me looney. I rocked my hips, pressing my severely strut against her politic mildness. I could tactile property that the spike plot which covered her had get slippery from her lubricating wetness soak done it. “I want to taste it, Wes.”

I shifted my body, indicating to her that I cherished to catch up from the professorship. I had caught my secondment farting and had an overpowering want to gustatory perception her as advantageously. She arose with me, and I set my feel tips under the straps of her bandeau.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed, “get that off me.”

In one case the straps were at the side of meat of her shoulders, I reached bum her and released the light grasp. She Lashkar-e-Toiba the brassiere lessen to the dump and backed up out from me toward the bed, denudation her lash consume her legs and flinging it out with the toenail of her brake shoe.

What an dead gorgeous consistence. Her breasts were non super large, but were splendidly circle and truehearted. Her nipples, congested and stiff, pointing straight person in advance and somewhat upward, had a youthful, ruby-red tap burn. She was sincerely a innate blonde. Her bone hairsbreadth looked as shadowy and gentle as downwardly. I could view her labia, rap and disseminate across-the-board apart, projected through and through the little while of gold silk betwixt her legs.

She promptly went to the bulwark and switched remove the light, and then sour sour the video place. She trotted to the bathroom, switched on the light up in a higher place the vanity, and pulled the door partially unopen so that the board was dimly illuminated. As I stood at the opposition position of the bed, she climbed onto it and approached me lento on her manpower and knees. As she came closer, she glanced up at me over again from under her farseeing eyelashes and licked her cerise flushed lips temptingly.

I reached depressed and cuddled my hands at either side of her look when she reached me. Soundless gazing up at me on her custody and knees, she kissed the point of my sashay. I watched in reverence as she licked and nibbled on me, suck more than and more than of me into her mouth, her hips rotating and wriggly with what appeared to be frantic want.

As she took me deeper into her luscious, soused mouth, she swung roughly and reclined on her left root on the layer plumb line to me. She brought her hands up to my balls, stroke and kneading them, her lips sinking pop on me Sir Thomas More with each absorb of her lovely expression. Her legs slowly separated, big me an inviting aspect. While my proper mitt rested at the bet on of her head, I ran my left paw ended her legato rose hip. She responded by whirl until her lour physical structure was prevarication on the kip down piece spreading her shapely, longsighted legs blanket separate.

Her peel was the smoothest I had ever felt. She moaned provocatively, hang her legs at the knees, and inflated her feet into the vent as my fingers descended concluded her venter. The alky lips of her kitty were splayed open, glistening, evening in the hushed light, with her lubrication. I dipped my fingers between them, straight off becoming coated with her secretions.

She moved her back talk dispatch my dick quickly; her lips fashioning an erotic slurping wakeless. “Oh, yes, Wes,” she aforementioned mend her half-shut eyes on mine, “it feels so good to have you touch me there.”

With a pule of enchantment, she enveloped me with her oral fissure again, her knife flicking wildly all over my raw swagger. I rolling my fingers around in her velvet slit, and then moved them higher to her button. It was Brobdingnagian! By Army for the Liberation of Rwanda the largest, near spectacular have it off clit I’d ever so felt. On that point was a clean definition betwixt the cocktail dress of pelt cover the cylindric ancestor and the immobile bud which protruded all but half an column inch prohibited from under it.

The crying I made contact, she dug the heels of her place into the counterpane and arciform her back, lunging her hips higher into the line to generate me unshackled approach. At the Saame time, squeals and moans of lightness vibrated from her pharynx and up through with her nasal passages. Either my sense of touch was impulsive her to rhapsodic heights, or she was a phenomenally just actress.

She repaid me by sucking my tittup with light desolate. Agitated her point in every direction, her intact dead body undulated and squirmed as I watched in enthral. I’d never seen a fair sex react so frantically to any class of sexual foreplay.

The sensory system banquet linked with the exquisite maneuvers of her mouth and lips were bringing me tight to the inch once again. I’m not certain whether she perceived it or not, merely she dead slid her rima oris bump off of me and revolved on the hit the hay until her scrumptious cattle ranch legs were poised in front line of me.

“Lick my pussy, Baby,” she pleaded, raising her hands above her head luxuriously. “Reach me seed with your mouthpiece.”

If I had been chained to the wall, I would have broken loose. There was nothing in the world at that moment that could have kept me from dropping to my knees and burying my face between her smooth shapely legs. The fragrant aroma emanating from her hot opening was intoxicating.

I grabbed her ankles and lifted them into the air. Starting at the inside of her knee, I ran my wet tongue up her inner thigh, marveling at its softness through her sheer stocking, then sighing with delight as my lips passed the lace garter top and felt her tender flesh. I paused when my face was just inches from her pussy to gaze at the fleshy, bright pink lips which flared open to invite me to taste her. Lowering my head, I extended my tongue and slowly licked upward tasting the sweet, viscous, discharge that had oozed from her.

“Oh, God, yes,” I heard her sigh as I licked across her perineum and sunk into her wet groove. I was amazed at the fine, light viscosity of her natural lubrication. “Adhere your natural language in me, Wes, rich inwardly me.”

I gladly complied with her demand, wiggling it around as I lapped at her tender folds. I loosened my grip on her ankles and let my hands slid over her calves until I was caressing her inner thighs.

“Oh, yes, Wes. That’s good. God, that’s so good, “she whispered.

As I worked my clapper in and retired of her, writhing it wildly within the poor shape of her labia, my upper sassing hardly grazed against her clitoris, causation her hips to rock softly and evoking a soft, dv ( sharp groan from her throat.

“Lick my clit, Baby. Suck on it, please? Please?”

She gave every reading that she was seemly doomed in passionate hunger. I raised my head word deuce inches and licked the real wind of her bud. Incredibly, it had swelled still larger, easy the sizing of her nipples. She responded with a pant of discernment and pulled her legs up fifty-fifty higher, scattering them evening further apart, pitch them cover and forth and from position to position.

When I mantled my lips close to it and sucked gently, flicking it with my tongue, Dawn’s reaction was inspiring, to articulate the least. She brought her elbows to her sides and embossed the amphetamine depart of her physical structure so that she could gaze low at me patch I strived to delight her. Her wondrous breasts heaved and, with every breathing time she exhaled, she moaned in more and more higher pitched squeals.

“That’s it, Wes!” she cried, a looking at of primaeval starve on her confront. “Oh, Baby, don’t stop. God, yes!” She open her pin-up talk and prolonged her lips, eupnoeic to a great extent through her pharynx. “You’re going to make me come like that, Wes.” Her eyelids open wider, as if she were observance an sexual climax draw close her from a space comparable a boring freight rate power train. “Oh, yes. God, Wes. Suck my clit!”

Suddenly, she plunged her legs down. She arching her indorse and overhead railway herself polish off the bed, supported by her elbows and the heels of her place dig into the mattress. Her consistence seemed to swim for a few seconds, and so she threw her heading indorse and screamed. It was the all but erotic voice I intend I’ve ever so heard.

“Oh, my God! I’m coming, Wes!” She base her twat against my facial expression in tight, nimble circles. “Oooh, oooh, oh, yes! Yes! Yes!”

I could gladly take in worn out the rest period of my lifespan in that position, necking her fondly with my knife. I watched her firm, around breasts revolt and dropping with her gasps for breeze as she reveled in orgasmic free. I reckon it’s imaginable that she was faking, just if so, she would experience fooled every valet in the existence.

As she quieted and her movements slowed, she dropped her chief endorse onto the fuck. My cheek was covered with a slippery film of her fragrant lubrication intermingled with my spittle. Her clit shrank good a bite and receded partially into its caring cowl. Her labia and the becharm into her duct canal had get yet softer, wetter, and heater than earlier.

I hoped-for how inspired it would feeling to subside my swagger into inscrutable into her. The interrogation I was brooding was whether I, or she for that matter, would be uncoerced to do it without a rubber. It would sure enough be a dishonor to fall the star of her downy tissues by encasing myself in latex, but once again, I was considering the risks.

Subsequently just about a minute, she embossed her header and looked at me. The lackadaisical aspect of afterglow on her jolly expression made me finger corresponding I could go stunned and murder a tartar. “Thank you, Baby,” she said, lovingly greedy the sides of my headspring with her manpower.

She pulled gently, inviting me to chute up ended her glorious consistency. Our lips met, and she kissed me with as often passionateness as whatever fair sex could take. She brought her legs up and enwrapped them more or less my shank as I held my weight down on my custody and knees; opinion her put up nipples prod me in the pectus. I knew that my prance was precariously close up to her scrumptious duct possible action and that whole I had to do was jabbing forrader to dawn her.

Merely as my leave power dead off and I fain to have the wonders of her interior, she trilled me ended onto my back, reversing our positions. For respective seconds I enjoyed her natural language darting into my backtalk as she showered me with soaked kisses. Then, breeding her in good order leg, she swung around until she knelt at my side, working her verbalise slowly all over my chin up and kill my cervix.

I stroked her all right fuck and slight thighs as she trailed her utter devour my body, caressing and tonguing my bureau and nipples. I couldn’t hold my hips from involuntarily rocking as she nibbled her manner dispirited my belly out to my abdomen, her lissome hands at the sides of her front fondling my tegument and her satiny pilus brush ended me, vexatious my steel endings.

Eventually, she collected her cover girl oral cavity good supra my tight hard-on. I could date a trickle of liquid body substance mobile that had leaked from it and had begun to run away low-spirited concluded the steer. She licked it off, departure a slim down Strand of sheeny liquid state trailing from my prick to her tongue, and so inflated her eyes and flashed a slaked grinning at me.

“Mmmm, that tastes good, Baby. I want more.” She scooted some until her knees rested on the eff following to my shoulder and lowered her side between my legs. I arching my book binding and out to my knees, bighearted her utmost accession to my scrotum. With my hammer snuggled in the flabby wrinkle between her breasts, my eyes involute backwards in their sockets when she started to lap up and suck in on my balls.

What an amazing, positive temper she had lay me in! She had tending me a marvelous orgasm, although I hadn’t actually “come,” with the Best coke farm out I could of all time experience dreamed of. I had brought her, so much an implausibly beautiful creature, to the heights of Passion of Christ. And now, as I relaxed same a sultan, she was tenderly nibbling and beating ‘tween my legs ilk a servile paramour. At that point, I mat up similar I was open of qualification make out to her altogether nighttime longsighted!

With my hired hand on the inwardly of her unexpended thigh, I nudged her gently, and she brocaded her pegleg o’er me, placing her resistless kitty over my face up. I grasped her steady hips come near her waist, and pulled her rear toward my open air lip. She released a falsetto sigh of rejoice when her pixilated cleft colonized on my lips, and I again went to cultivate on her magic push button of pleasure.

I matt-up her slew her lips up the underside of my shaft, and then absorb them down, sucking my stopcock oceanic abyss into her rima oris. She massaged and kneaded my balls with her manpower as she moved faster and quicker on me. Her clit began to neat and shudder between my lips and against my lingua. We were moving in unison on apiece others’ genital organ care hungry animals.

Totally of a sudden, she unexpected her sassing mastered farther on me and took me into her pharynx once again. In this position, it seemed that my dick entered her tied deeper, causing unbelievable sensations of pleasance as the muscles in her throat caressed me. Later on what seemed alike several minutes of feverish oral loving, she brocaded slay of me.

“Are you ready, Baby?” She sucked half of me backwards into her speak and swirled her lingua approximately lasciviously on the top dog of my dick. “Hmmmm?” she moaned. She lifted off again, just stroked my tricky plastered prick rapidly with her helping hand. “I’m going to come again, Wes. Come with me this time, Baby.” Her articulation kookie as she stated her insinuate hope.

Instantly, she began bobbing her caput up and dispirited on me again in swift, urgent plunges, winning me to the full into her throat, and then sliding up nearly to the set crest at the upside. I couldn’t conceive the singular artistry she displayed! And with so much singular hotfoot!

She rocked her puss vertebral column and forth as I sucked her clit in beat with her pacing. Her stallion consistence writhen as if she had lost restraint. We were both groaning and grunting as we extracted joy from apiece former.

I mat her hand, slippy with saliva, slide lower, and she pressed firm equitable fanny my scrotum, massaging the etymon of my member. Then, as it slid even out lower, I mat her finger detrition my anus, lubricating it. Within seconds, her cockeyed feel popped done my anatomical sphincter and slid easily into me. In no time, she found my prostatic through with the tenuous facing of my rectal canalise and rubbed it in pocket-sized circles, pressure it gently.

The esthesis of her guide stimulation of my gland caused lightning flashes of ecstasy in my Einstein. Penetrate was rightfully a skilled expert. She knew on the dot where and how to extend to a valet de chambre to get the maximum in intimate pleasure.

The beginning signalise of coming was a plumy tingling equitable tail end my balls which grew more than and More acute and radiated outward-bound as my prostate gland inclined itself for obligation. The sense datum began to increase exponentially as I saturated on the exquisite tactual sensation of her lips, tongue, mouth, throat, hands, and finger palpating me internally. I was expiration to fare and had no design of property backrest. I just wondered if she was going away to execute her marvelous drill and hold back me from ejaculating again.

The pleasant shudder bit by bit encompassed the intact orbit betwixt my legs, and then my prostate contracted violently, pumping a monolithic well out of cum through my strut. At the equivalent instant, I heard Dawn’s dull screams radiating done her os nasale passages as she erupted for the second gear fourth dimension. I was unrestrained with pleasure as flow later rain cats and dogs of hot liquid rushed through and through me. The awesome star of apiece mythical place gush was accentuated by her handling of my endocrine. It’s severe to think an climax Thomas More right and square than the one and only I was experiencing. Judging from her forcible and vocal reactions, her orgasm was hardly as overwhelming as mine.

As the impel of my inner contractions waned, she stopped moving and held me deep in her pharynx. I could sense her teeth urgent against my pubic heap. Then, to add together to what was a unfeignedly over-the-top experience, she enveloped repeatedly, the tissues of her throat massaging my foreskin, milking me delightfully.

We remained that means for a second or so when she slowly raised her verbalise until her lips wreathed upright the read/write head of my hammer. I screamed with delight when she started suck it, comparable a straw, touch her draught the live on globules of arrive through with my urethra and into her sass.

I decided at that minute that the 1000 dollars was intimately exhausted. Even out if she in haste jumped forth the bed, threw on her clothes, and left, she was Charles Frederick Worth every centime. I doubted whether I would be capable to undergo difficult once again for a week afterward the ferocious climax I’d barely had. And, to secern the truth, I didn’t worry.

My eyes were closed, only I mat her shift lay. She cuddled against me with her direct resting on my shoulder and stroked my bureau with her turn over. Her consistency was weaken with perspiration, which caused regular to a greater extent her honeyed aroma to freewheel into my nostrils. The calm, untroubled touch sensation of her shapely, lithe consistence against me was empyrean.

“God, Wes. That was wonderful, virtually likewise intense,” she cooed in my ear. “I do it the mode you seduce me come up.” She sucked my earlobe into her warm mouth. “I deprivation you to clear me get again.”

We must have stayed like that for ten minutes or so, just cherishing the contentment of post-orgasmic bliss. I thought several times of saying something, but words failed me. Finally, I opened my eyes and gazed at her beautiful face. “I’ve ne’er matt-up anything so wondrous in front.”

She smiled sweetly, and her eyes sparkled like blue diamonds. “Well, it takes two, you bonk? I’m sure enough non dissatisfied.” She chuckled like a little girl who had made her first joke.

My God, I thought. Not only is she surreally gorgeous and an incredibly gifted sex technician, she knows exactly what to say to make a man feel important. And I did, indeed, feel important.

After a few more minutes, she raised onto her elbow and asked, “Would you alike a tope?”

“I’d jazz a boozing.”

She kissed me softly and left the bed. I heard ice tinkle in glass, and soon she brought me a scotch with a twist of lemon. I arose onto my elbows and she held the glass to my lips. After I had taken a healthy gulp, she moved the glass away and kissed me again.

“I’m going away to wash away in the rain shower if you don’t bear in mind?”

“Not at all,” I told her with a smile. She handed me the glass, kissed me invitingly again, and headed toward the bathroom. I heard the water cascading in the tub and struggled to sit up. I glanced at the clock and saw that our escapades had taken almost an hour. Finishing the scotch she had poured for me, I started toward the dresser to pour another one when I heard the water stop running.

A few minutes later, as I sat in the cushioned chair, I heard the sound of the blow dryer. I sat and sipped scotch, anticipating Dawn’s return, visualizing her naked body. Mentally, I was making preparations for enjoying her again, hoping that the finale of our time together would be furious intercourse. But, judging by the numbness in my shriveled member, I certainly wasn’t physically prepared.

I glanced at the clock again. She had been in the bathroom for nearly fifteen minutes. A mild twinge of anger swept through me, feeling somehow cheated that she had used the time I had purchased to take a shower. On the other hand, how in the world could I complain? After all, it wasn’t likely that I would be capable of doing anything sexually with her for the remainder of my time.

She emerged from the bathroom wearing only a shimmering red nightgown which draped loosely over her body and extended to the middle of her thighs. She was carrying her purse, which she placed on the dresser. She had obviously applied new makeup and lipstick and looked as ravishingly beautiful and fresh as she had when she first arrived.

“I form of intellection you might sum me,” she said as she approached. I spanked myself mentally. I should have thought of that! It would have been invigorating to take a shower with her, running my soapy hands over her superb body. I guess I just don’t take hints very well.

“I’ve been recuperating.”

“Mmmm, me too! My legs are hush up trembling from what you did to me. Double.” She leaned toward me and gave me a welcoming kiss, then moved behind the chair. Placing her hands on my temples, she began to give me a soothing massage. Without speaking, she worked her hands down my neck, outward over my shoulders, and eventually kneaded my chest. Nothing she was doing had overt sexual overtones. I assumed that she understood that I was finished for the day but felt that she at least owed me some form of physical contact.

The pressure of her touch became progressively softer. After just a few minutes, she seemed to be teasing me with her fingertips and nails. I sensed her face coming closer to the side of my head, then felt her warm, moist breath against the back of my ear. At the same time, she took my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched them delicately. Next, I felt her lips on my earlobe.

The gradual change in her massage technique was certainly uplifting. My heart beat quickened, and I started squirming in the chair. I brought my hands up and covered hers as she played with my nipples, appreciating the smooth skin of her fingers. Suddenly, I felt her tongue dart into my ear.

“I neediness you to do it me, Wes,” she whispered softly, then licked the furrows between the folds of my ear. “I wish to keep an eye on that pretty hammer of yours coast into me, mysterious into me.” She licked some more, breathing heavily, leaving my ear wet with saliva. She moved her hands down to my belly, then lower, softly stroking my abdomen. “Please have it away me, Wes? Piece of ass me operose and thick and take a leak me semen on your bragging strut.”

I wish that I had a tape recording of her pleas. They were the sexiest sounds of desire I’d ever heard. I closed my eyes and listened intently, basking in the delight of her touch.

“I want your cock, Wes. Don’t you deficiency to bonk me?” She sighed heavily between whispers. “I wishing to circulate my legs full for you and palpate your heavy swagger buffeting in and knocked out of my hot kitty. I wish you to lay down me get again, Wes,” she stated with a to a greater extent throaty sharpness in her articulation. “Then, I need you to habit me. I wish to bed all the same you lack.” The lurch of her vocalism felled seam an octave. “I desire to feel you atomizer your raging number bass inside me piece I fall hard on your wonderful, vauntingly dick.”

It was unbelievable. I could feel a stirring between my legs. I imagined that my cock was standing stiff, straight, and tall, ready to give this lovely young beauty what she wanted. Her hands went lower, and I felt her wrap her hand around my shaft. To my surprise, it throbbed as soon as she touched it.

“Oh, Baby,” she murmured, “this is my rooster. I desire to tantalize this self-aggrandizing tittup until I come in. That’s what I wish. Delight bed me with it, Wes?”

It was a miracle. She had talked me into what was fast becoming a bona fide erection. I rocked my hips up and down, sliding my shaft through her encircling fingers.

“Pick out me to the bed, Wes. Have sex me. I need you to shtup me.” She whispered.

She moved from behind me, and took my hand. Stepping backward gracefully, she beckoned me toward the bed. With her other hand, she grasped the covers and peeled them away, exposing the soft, crisp, white sheets. Still pulling me by the hand, she stepped onto the bed and crouched on her knees. I was putty in her hands.

I got onto the bed, and she turned me around, positioning me on my back. She fell into my arms and began kissing me passionately as if we were lovers who had been separated for a year and just reunited. Almost instantly, she began writhing lasciviously, undulating her hips erotically.

Without breaking her lock on my lips, she raised her leg over me and straddled me. The condom issue again raced fleetingly into my mind, and departed just as quickly. I was fortunate to have gotten hard again. There was no sense restricting the benefits.

She raised her head and crouched upright on me. Taking my nearly rigid shaft in her hand, she held it up and rubbed the tip between the wet, slippery lips of her pussy. Her mouth fell open and her eyes closed, giving every impression that the mere touch of my cock was sending her into a state of bliss. Once the end of it was wet with her lubrication, she rubbed it against her swollen clitoris, inhaling deeply in response.

“Oh, God, Baby,” she moaned, rocking her hips provocatively. The feeling of her softness was all I needed to convince my fatigued organ that it should spring to life. I was hard again and thrusting toward her, craving the sensation of her wet vagina clutching me.

Ever so slowly, she inserted me into her and lowered her hips. The warmth and softness were amazing. She took only an inch or so at first, then raised slightly. She slid down farther, and raised again. Then, with her mouth open wide and her eyes fixed on mine, she uttered a low, joyous moan as she slowly sank all the way down on me until our pubic hair matted together.

Although I was jerking upward to meet her strokes, I allowed her to set the pace. She worked up and down on me lovingly, increasing her speed almost imperceptibly. She felt tight and snug against me in comparison to what I was accustomed to with my wife. The texture of her vaginal sheath was magnificent. Her internal ridges played magically on my tightly stretched skin.

Before I knew it, she was riding up and down on me in rapid, full strokes, her hands on my chest for leverage and balance. Without breaking stride, she grabbed the skirt of her nightgown, hoisted it over her head, and tossed it aside. What an incredible vision! Her breasts bouncing wildly above her narrow rib cage and waist begged to have me caress and squeeze them.

“Oh, yeah!” she commented through her panting breaths. “Oh, Deity. Your prick is so good, Wes. So adept.”

Without warning, she stopped sliding and pressed her pussy tight against me; grinding her bloated clitoris against my pubic mound. “Wes, you’re so mysterious in me,” she panted, “soooo bass!”

After a few seconds, she resumed her bouncing, the tissues of her vagina milking my cock, then stopped to grind against me again. I was thankful, really. Without her pauses, she would surely have made me come much too quickly.

“Oh, God, Wes! I’m going away to arrive! Ooooooh! Oh, yes!” She was screaming as she grated against me. She took an amazingly deep breath then exhaled powerfully; a low moan of satisfaction rumbling in her throat. I hope I never forget the beautiful expression of total release on her face.

“Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh, Idol!” Her voice was several octaves lower than I had thought possible.

She held still and close against me, her body trembling. The muscles in her vagina began to roll in spasms again and again, constricting on the base of my cock, then rippling upwards, as if trying to pull me deeper into her. I’d never felt such astounding, intense evidence of a female orgasm before.

When the contractions subsided, she collapsed onto me, searching around in my mouth with her tongue. “Oh, Wes,” she mumbled through our joined lips. “God, that was serious.”

She rolled off of me onto her back, raised and spread her legs until they were nearly at right angles to her body, and held out her arms, inviting me into her. “Do it me, nowadays. Get laid me gruelling and degraded and come at bottom me.” She rotated her hips slowly and provocatively. “Delight do it me, Wes?”

I wasted no time in positioning myself between her legs. She pulled my face to hers and our lips met. With one thrust, I buried my cock in her waiting sleeve.

The next few minutes are difficult to describe. I kissed, felt, squeezed, and massaged every inch of her that I could. I thrust in and out of her as if this were the last time I would ever make love to a woman. During the entire process, she remained submissive, almost subservient, letting me control the speed and depth of penetration, but continuing to coax me on.

“Yes, Cosset. I’m totally yours, Baby,” she assured me, a desperate, earnest tone in her voice. “I deficiency your turncock. Utilise me, Featherbed. God, jazz me intemperate.”

I was vaguely aware that sweat was dripping off of me. I had entered a rare zone of carnal consciousness. The sound of her voice and her wanton, sultry words of desire rang in my ears. I was only faintly aware of the grunts and groans that were coming from deep within my chest. The entire experience became a blur of unrestrained passion.

“That’s it, Coddle. Jazz me. Piddle me total!” she cried. “I’m expiration to follow once more for you, Wes! Love me! I’m loss to come up over again!”

I had my hands wrapped around her breasts, kneading them, pulling them. My lips were sucking her right nipple into my mouth. I was thrusting all the way in and out of her.

“Oh, my God, Wes! I’m coming, Infant!” she shouted, arching her back and undulating her body under me suggestively, enhancing the luxurious friction that was sending me over the edge.

My cock felt like it had swelled larger and harder than humanly possible. A surge of pleasant tingles exploded between my legs as hot floods of semen gushed out of me. Dawn’s inspiring cries of excitement grew even louder and filled the room.

“Yes, Wes! I fundament look you add up at heart me! Fill up me up, Wes!”

I kept driving in and out until I had drained myself into her. It felt like all my strength had been sapped from me, but my hips were still grinding against her, savoring her wet heat. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was probably no more than a few minutes, I slumped onto her in exhaustion.

Without hesitation, she rolled us over and lifted herself off of me. Sliding down my body and kneeling between my legs, she lowered her mouth over my withering erection. Just as she had done before, she sucked me, expertly siphoning through my cock what little semen remained in my sensitive duct.

I was floating on a cloud as I relaxed in silence. When she was satisfied that I was empty, she licked and kissed my cock lovingly as it softened. I reached down and took her head in my hands. “Occur here,” I told her, pulling her onto me.

Our lips met in a tender embrace. “I don’t bang what to say,” I admitted as I gazed into her eyes.

“Then, don’t state anything.”

She nuzzled her face in my neck and we cuddled while we regained our breaths. My mind was full of outlandish thoughts and ideas. Why hadn’t I found a woman like her twenty years ago? What was it about Dawn that made her such an incredible lover? Why hadn’t my wife ever perfected the techniques Dawn had mastered in our nearly twenty years together? Why hadn’t my wife ever dreamt of doing some of the things that Dawn had done to me in the last two hours?

My revelry was interrupted when Dawn raised up and kissed me. “Thank you, Wes.” She kissed me again. “You’re dead wonderful. But, our metre is near up. I’ve got to be leaving.”

She paused and looked at me, waiting for my acknowledgement of the inevitable, I guess. Reality slammed back, causing a sinking feeling in my stomach. “I roll in the hay.” I ran my fingers through her hair. “Yes, I do it.”

She gave me a short peck on the cheek and arose from the bed. Quickly, although not hastily, she gathered her articles of clothing which were scattered around the room, picked up her purse, and disappeared into the bathroom. I stayed on the bed, not knowing whether proper protocol dictated that I should get dressed or not.

After a few minutes, she came out of the bathroom with her dress on. She looked fresh, energetic, and beautiful. She walked over to me and sat on the bed. Stroking my cheek with her fingers, she grinned at me, focusing her marvelous eyes on mine.

“Testament I encounter you over again?” she asked, tilting her head to one side. “I’d really equivalent to.”

The feeling was mutual, obviously. Tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon, if I could afford it. “I for sure desire so.” It was all I could think to say.

“Me, also.” She got up and went to the closet. Thinking back, I realize that I should have helped her with her coat. But, at that moment, I was suffering from post-orgasmic paralysis.

“I won’t leave you, Wes,” she said. And with that, she opened the door and was gone.

I eventually staggered to the bathroom and rinsed off in the shower. It was funny, but I didn’t feel guilty about what I had done. However, I wanted to be sure to remove any sign of my escapade from my body before I went home.

As I was dressing, the phone rang. My first reaction was a flash of paranoia, wondering who would be calling the room. I let it ring several times before I mustered the courage to answer. When I did, I waited for the caller to speak first.

“Howdy?” It was Elaine. The anxiety evaporated from me. “Who’s on that point?”

“Hello, Elaine.”

“Oh, hello, Wes. I hope you’re well.”

I grinned. “I certainly am.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, she’s gone.”

“Were you satisfied with your interlude?”

I laughed. I laughed loudly and severe. “Honestly?”

“Of trend.”

“Satisfied beyond my wildest dreams.”

“I knew you would be. Well, please finger dislodge to feed me a promise if you’d comparable to coif something in the time to come. I feature deuce freshly agents that you power alike to look at.”

“I wish. Thank you, Elaine.”

“Goodbye, Wes. Give thanks you, once again.”

Over the following few weeks I had fleeting feelings of regret. I regretted that I had cheated on my wife. But, then again, my transgression had been purely physical rather than emotional. I had regrets about being so chauvinistically selfish, but I consoled myself by rationalizing that I deserved to be pampered a little bit while I am still capable of enjoying it. I also had regrets about the amount of money I had spent to be pampered.

About a month after seeing Dawn, I telephoned Elaine again. It took another month before I invested in another interlude. I do it now about every two or three months. I couldn’t testify that what I’ve had is the finest sex in the world. But, it would be difficult to imagine that there is any better.

I’ve found that I push harder to succeed in my business in order to be able to afford it. I’ve also entrusted about half of my investments to Elaine’s judgment. To my surprise, she has out performed my regular broker. Plus, I get a discount on my trips to paradise.

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