Carolann Naugle Builds Largest Wreath

Carolann Naugle, a wreath producer and member of the Cobequid Christmas Tree Producers’ Association (CCTPA), built this wreath in 2008 to set a Guinness Book of World Record.

The wreath was no small feat, measuring 251.9 feet in diameter. Carolann lives and works in the Truro area of Nova Scotia. 

CarolAnn wreath step 1 Step 1: Carolann had to set up the wreath rail supports and put the construction rebar around on top of these supports.
CarolAnn wreath step 2 Step 2: Wooden spacers had to be attached to the wreath rails to maintain the proper distance prior to tying the brush in place.
CarolAnn wreath step 3 Step 3: Lots and lots of brush! 
CarolAnn wreath step 4 Step 4: Nearing Completion…
CarolAnn wreath step 5 Step 5: and finally an aerial shot. Sensational.
CarolAnn wreath step 6 Step 6: The wreath has to be measured.

Keith Moore of Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources acts as one of the officials.  Adrian Samson and Jeff Hingley, a survey technician with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, were also judges involved with the official measurement for the wreath.

CarolAnn Celebration Time to celebrate. It is not everyday one gets to be a world record holder!

Carolann is pictured to the right of Adrian Sampson with the red T-shirt.

Wreath Thank-you Sign Carolann Naugler wishes to thank everyone invovled in this huge project.

Shout outs to Cobequid Association members who gave endless hours and provisions.

Next for Carolann Naugler: World’s Longest Garland!

Carolann’s Wreath
Carol Ann Wreath