Four more projects, totalling $6.2 million, have been approved by the trustees of the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust.

The funding includes:

  • Research Nova Scotia will receive $4.1 million to support the implementation of the 2021 research agenda Bringing Focus to Forestry Research, developed for the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust
  • the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia will receive $1.1 million to support a tree improvement program
  • the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment will receive $698,500 for Phase 2 of its Bio-technology Acceleration Centre
  • MTC Mass Timber Company Inc. will receive $325,000 for feasibility testing for commercial production of mass timber in the province.

To date, the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust has committed more than $25 million of the $50-million fund.

The fund may be used by companies, organizations or post-secondary institutions working and researching in the forestry and biological resources sectors, and by forestry workers to access funding for training. The three trustees review the submissions and make spending decisions.


Over the past two years, the trustees and I have been impressed by the projects submitted to the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust. The submissions received during this last round demonstrate the ability, leadership, innovation and stewardship that is already prevalent in the sector. The four projects announced today, along with the previously funded projects, will accelerate the renewal of the forestry sector, furthering sustainable forestry practices across the province. We’re excited to see the impact these projects will have in meeting the goals of the Review of Forestry Practices Report.Rosalind Penfound, Chair, Forestry Innovation Transition Trust

The forestry research program is one of the ways we’re investing in research that makes a difference to Nova Scotians. Forestry is a key sector for Nova Scotia, supporting thousands of jobs, families and communities throughout the province. This investment will help to ensure that the people working with our forests every day have access to the latest and best available research, to help Nova Scotia’s forests and forestry industry thrive for generations to come.Stefan Leslie, CEO, Research Nova Scotia

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia is thrilled to be receiving this investment from the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust, which will support further research into tree improvement, soil management and post-harvest handling techniques for the benefit of Christmas tree and greenery producers across Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is known for its excellent quality balsam fir trees, and we are working hard to maintain that reputation.Angus Bonnyman, Executive Director, Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia

This funding from the Trust enables the Verschuren Centre to match and accelerate clean technologies to advance up-cycling of forestry biomass resources into high-value green chemicals and smart materials. These in turn provide a sustainable supply chain for manufacturing in Nova Scotia, connecting rural resources to the world. Advancing clean technologies builds high value and job creation for the sector, along with diversified new markets.Beth Mason, President, Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment

Mass timber is the fastest growing low-carbon infrastructure solution in North America and is seeing exponential growth in demand. MTC Mass Timber Company Inc., located in East Hants, will be a world-class mass timber manufacturer and the first in the world to integrate with existing sawmills to generate the highest value product from Nova Scotia wood. This funding will directly support the final feasibility testing to produce high-performing mass timber product to global markets.Patrick Crabbe, Team Leader, MTC Mass Timber Company Inc.

Quick Facts:

  • there are now 13 approved projects under the Trust; it will remain open for new applications until March 31, 2025, or until funds have been spent
  • the trustees are Rosalind Penfound, Douglas Hall and David Saxton
  • projects may include the development of high-value products and/or new and enhanced business models, processes or services, inclusive economic growth opportunities and new ecological services
  • the Trust accepts applications from businesses, organizations and post-secondary institutions three times a year; the next round will be in the fall
  • forestry workers can apply at any time for funding to support training or retraining

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