Nature’s perfect environment for christmas trees

Nova Scotia is known the world over for its pristine environment: its clean air, its clear waters, its untouched wilderness. Here, in one of Canada’s most temperate environments, the Nova Scotia balsam fir grows. Thousands of years of evolution in this environment have given the Nova Scotia balsam fir distinct advantages. The result is a species believed by many to be the best Christmas tree on the planet.

The World’s Most Treasured Christmas Tree

Nova Scotia balsam firs are wonderfully symmetrical, thick and full. Its needles are dark green and grow 360 degrees around the boughs. Thanks to Nova Scotia’s cool, moist climate, the balsam fir retains its needles for long periods.

Most of all, its fragrance is one of a kind. It fills the home with what friends and family will come to know as the scent of the season. No other Christmas tree smells quite like a balsam fir.

Cultivating trees in the time-honoured way: with respect

Nova Scotia balsam firs are grown and harvested just as they have been for hundreds of years: naturally. Nova Scotia growers carefully select trees for harvest each year; a christmas tree stand is never clear cut. The stands are left to regenerate naturally, to provide habitat for wildlife, and maintain this treasured ecosystem.

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