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From the Seffernsville Meet, Saturday, August 4, 2018

  1. LATE participation for 2018 AgriStability is available for Nova Scotia Christmas tree producers. For information on AgriStability visit www.agr.gc.ca/agristability or call 1-866-367-8506.
  2. CTCNS for help info@ctcns.com1-855-672-2572 ext 1
  3. Suggested reading: Find it online  – Owen, Jeffrey H., (July 2009) “Shaping Fraser fir Christmas trees,” North Carolina State University. Owen is an Area Extension Forestry Specialist with Christmas tree genetics listed as his area of expertise at the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University. Find the article here: https://christmastrees.ces.ncsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/shaping-fraser-fir-christmas-trees_070609.pdf?fwd=no.

This website provides information and links to services for Christmas tree growers, members and industry partners. 

If you are seeking information about Nova Scotia Christmas trees, please visit our retail and informational site: iLoveRealTrees.com. There you will find information on the benefits of real trees, tips on choosing a tree, where to buy your real tree(s), and much more!

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